Market Research Analyst

Connor Childs

Basic information

My job would be to analyze the market and decide what to market and when. Basically what marketing campaigns get greenlighted.

It requires organization as well as being able to read and predict where data is going to go. You have to be a math brain and be able to read statistics very well.

Typically a bachelors in communications or a marketing field will do the trick as its a job that comes with a lot of common sense and on the job training.

The average wage is somewhere around 62,150$

The job settings is typically in a cubicle but a promotion to your own office is certainly possible.

You need to have a very analytic personality and be able to read and predict data very well

495,000 jobs

There are many internships available if you are willing to do some research, however most of them are shadowing people and getting coffee.

In this field international fields are available wherever there is a market for marketing.

Networking is simple if you know how to do it. A casual place to do it is certainly on face Facebook is you already have someone who works in the field. If not, going to your local university usually bares fruit.

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