Paden Williams

Ocean biome

in this food wed the sea grass, seaweed, and phytoplankton are the producers and are ate by the 1st level consumers (Crab's, small tropical fish, sea urcin's and clams). The small tropical fish is consumed by the large fish and dolphin after it ate seaweed and plankton. The crab is also ate by the large fish. The sea urchin and clam are consumed by the dolphin after the =y ate plankton. And finally the fish and dolphin are consumed by the shark ( top level consumer) and at the end of it all is the fan worm willing and watting as the decomposer.

humans effect

the amount of sediment flowing has quadrupled over the past 150 years. since 1985 coral cover has declined by half. 40 percent of this loss is caused by the over population of the crown-of-thorn starfish. actions to stop this are in place but billions of dollers are needed