Sociological Imagination Project

By Jeff Perkins

The subject at matter is the rapping of a college student and no one, including friends, teachers, administrators, doing anything about the situation.

Some people in different groups, schools, universities, clubs, etc. have been assaulted, hazed, and mistreated, but many of these people don't go to the police or even tell their parents or peers in fear of social a drop in social status and/or loss in friends.

The University of Virginia is a very active school and Greek life, fraternities and sororities, take a big part of extracurricular activities at the University of Virginia. Many people take pride in being a part of or being invited to any Greek activities.

Many universities advertise that they protect their students, but they don't. Many universities don't want to be under the spotlight so they brush things like assault at campus, sexual assault, racism, vandalism, etc. "under the rug".

Many people who you feel that you are close with and/or have a good relationship with may act differently when you are in a difficult situation. Like in the article the main character talked about went through a very difficult situation, but her friends didn't support through her hard time, her friends were only worried about how their social status would be affected.

This subject relates to empathy because if the students who committed the rape, the victim's friends, and the school administrators and teachers had strong empathy then they would have helped the victim in her troubling situation. Since they did not have empathy they did not put their selves in her shoes and didn't care about her problems, only their own.