Let's Talk Math and Science

Miss Sumpter's 5th grade class


Decimals, Decimals, Decimals. Our unit on multiplying and dividing decimals has started. This week we focused on estimating quotients, dividing by powers of ten, As a class we noticed that a lot of what we do in math is centered around patterns including multiplying decimals. Next week we will begin to investigate dividing decimals by whole numbers and dividing decimals by decimals. We will start by using base ten blocks to divide, and then we will learn the algorithm for dividing. I have definitely witnessed a shift in the confidence of each mathematicians, my mathematicians are beginning to approach each problem differently.

Please make sure your mathematician is practicing their multiplication facts daily. I am noticing that some mathematicians are not fluent with their multiplication facts. Multiplication will set the foundation for math concepts not only for fifth grade, but for life after 5th grade as well.


Our Force and Motion Unit has proven to be very engaging and insightful. We have been designing cars to test different features of force and motion. This week we focused on designing a car that would meet design requirements. The car had to move across a surface within 4-6 seconds. Our engineers learned that the amount of force played a huge factor in how fast or slow their car would move. Next week we will investigate friction, and stored energy.

Our trip to the Challenger Center was so much fun! We were able to see what we learned about forces and motion in action. Each scientist was able to create a straw rocket, and launch the straw rocket.