Health and Wellness

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Importance of Health Education

Health education is important in elementary curriculum because it helps to build students’ knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes about health. It also motivates students to make improvements to their health. By incorporating health education in elementary curriculum it allows students to learn the skills they need to make healthy choices in their life.

Health vs. Wellness

Health- is being well and free of sickness! Health is defined as an integrated method of functioning

that is oriented toward maximizing personal potential.

Wellness- The quality or state of being healthy in body and mind! Wellness implies that individuals engage in attitudes and behaviors that enhance quality of life and maximize personal potential.

Services & Practices

School Health Services- All schools have a counselor that goes over the benefits of being healthy and to improve students’ mental, emotional, and social health.. Along with the counselor educators need to talk with students on a daily basis the importance of being healthy.

PE- Students take a PE class which provides cognitive content and learning experiences in a variety of activity areas, such as basic movement skills; physical fitness; rhythm and dance; games; team, dual, and individual sports; tumbling and gymnastics; and aquatics.

Nutrition and Food Services- The school cafeteria provides students access to a variety of nutritious and appealing meals that accommodate the health and nutrition needs of all students and that reflect the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans and other criteria to achieve nutritional integrity.

Local Health Department- They offer advice on healthy eating and exercising.

North Baldwin Wellness Center- This facility offers many exercising classes, swimming, and nutrition programs available for anyone. Also, they have on sight nutritionist daily to help anyone needing advice or guidance.

Social Benefits

Understanding how important a healthy lifestyle is will be helpful in your future. If you know that you are better off being healthy and choose to be healthy, then you will have the benefit of having lower insurance premiums, and have a better, longer life at working at your dream job.

Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

  1. More Energy
  2. Less Health Issues
  3. Disease Prevention
  4. Stronger Heart
  5. Less Injuries
  6. Good Mentality
  7. Longer Life
  8. Increases overall strength
  9. Controls Stress
  10. Sleep better
  11. Increases Self-Esteem
  12. Maintains Bone Density


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