Luling ISD February ENews

Go Eagles!

Happy February!

From this point, the school year feels like a downhill sprint. There are only 16 weeks of school left and I warn you that it will feel like someone has pushed the fast forward button. Most of that is due to all of the activities and events that happen between now and the end of May. We have a lot going on in February with Black History Month activities and events, Saturday STAAR Camp, after school tutorials, the end of basketball season, the start of baseball and softball, 100th Day of School activities, etc. Our students are active and amazing and I enjoy watching them learn and excel!

February is also the month with the highest incident rate for flu. Our custodial staff have been working extra hard to keep our facilities clean and as germ free as possible, however we are still experiencing a high number of flu diagnoses. Please evaluate your child's health condition daily and be sure to remind them to wash their hands frequently!

AVID is Recruiting for 2019-20!

On Friday, January 25th, Mrs. McMarion and some of her 6th grade AVID Elective students visited Shanklin Elementary to talk about all the incredible things that AVID is doing this year. Students presented an overview of the program and described what AVID has meant to them and how they have grown this year as an AVID family. They also shared about their field trip in the fall to The College fair at the Spurs game, as well as their upcoming trips to ExploreUT at UT Austin, and their AVID retreat on March 6-8 at Camp Champions on Lake LBJ. Big things continue to happen in AVID!


From classroom projects to performances, our schools find a multitude of ways to honor Black History Month. We strive to advance a curriculum which honors Black History, and the histories of all people, year-round and not simply in February. Please join us February 28th at 6pm in the Fine Arts Center for a Black History Month community event. All campuses will have students performing!


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Natali Hartman!!

Ms. Hartman is a special education teacher at Shanklin Elementary. Ms. Hartman always has a positive attitude within the classroom, with staff members, and with parents. She continues to be an advocate for a positive culture in our district. She frequently takes on more responsibility to ensure all learners are provided with the skills and knowledge to help them be successful. She is an incredible teacher who builds lasting relationships with her students while also providing them with high expectations. Quite simply said by one of her nominators, "Shanklin is better because of her." Thank you Ms. Hartman!


The students at the Primary School focus on developing English skills using a balanced literacy approach. Teachers, paraprofessionals, and the interventionist provide daily intervention support in reading, addressing identified skill deficits. Beginning in January, teachers and paraprofessionals read with students daily in Guided Reading groups to improve reading fluency, analyze text features, and practice comprehension strategies. During recent assessments, teachers noted a marked increase in student reading skills. Teachers also focused on the development of the writing process. Students listened to the reading of a mentor text about the accomplishments of Martin Luther King and then wrote about their dream job and how they can help make the world a better place.


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Scripp's Spelling Bee!

On January 15th, the Shanklin Elementary Spelling Bee was held for the 2018-2019 school year. Our top four finalists included: Third Place Tie - Will Monge (2nd Grade) and Seth Cruz (3rd Grade); First Place - Jacquelyn Guillen (3rd Grade); and Second Place - Layla Ellison (5th Grade). Congratulations to all 25 of our finalists as they did a fabulous job in representing their grade level with pride! Jacquelyn Guillen will take a test during the window of January 23-February 6, 2019 to see if she will be invited to participate in the Austin Regional Spelling Bee on March 14. Students who advance to the National Championship are eligible for a $40,000 cash prize and the Scripps National Spelling Bee engraved trophy. Good luck Jacquelyn!
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National Geographic Bee

Did you know that Antarctica is the continent in the Southern Hemisphere which experiences severe winds and is also the driest continent in the world? Our National Geographic Bee finalists knew this answer and more! Congratulations to our finalists for remaining composed with some tough questions that had adults putting on their thinking caps. Our finalists included: David Cruz (Second Place), Angel Corpus, Francisco Reyes, Corinne Partida (Third Place), Jay'Lynn Corpus-Franks, and Cecilio Lara (First Place). They all did an amazing job in our inaugural Geo Bee on January 23! Best wishes to Cecilio as he prepares for the online qualifying test for the State Geo Bee.

Guided Math Groups

Guided Math groups brought learning by exploring back with excitement! Primary and Shanklin teachers analyzed student needs and reorganized groups and learning focus, working towards deeper learning. Our Instructional Coaches work hard to model, guide and facilitate great learning opportunities. Math problem solving requires students to read to learn and think about learning during math. Whatever support the students and teachers need for instruction, the Instructional Coaches provide. Instructional Coaches work tirelessly to equip teachers with best research-based strategies and often co-teach with them until both students and teachers are successful. Students are excited about learning, teachers are excited about teaching! Win-Win!!

“This joy of discovery is real, and it is one of our rewards. So too is the approval of our work by our peers.” ~Henry Taube


Students Own Their Data!

Students at the Junior High analyze their unit assessment data to determine what they know and where they still need to improve their learning. Students group the questions from the unit into like skills, write “I can statements” based on the skill and then chart their percentage correct. Students write overall strengths and needs statements. Students revisit those skills and track their progress over time.

Student Athletes Take Time to Read

Every Friday, girls' athletics read an article that is connected to current sports information, athletes, sportsmanship, etc.. Students work in small groups to read the article together and make text to self, text to world, and text to text connections.

GJH Students Attend Play at Civic Center

GJH students had the opportunity to attend the play coordinated by the city library. The play highlighted Washington Carver, Harriet Tubman, Joe Jackson, as well as many other African-Americans who had an impact on our history. Several students even had the opportunity to take part in some of the portrayals.


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Anatomy and Physiology Classes

Ms. Patel is conducting an experiment with students on their sweat glands. Here, Ms. Patel tests two parts of their body (their forearm and palm) for sweat gland activity. To do this, Ms. Patel had the students place a small amount of iodine in both prescribed locations. Once dried, she had the students tape a small paper square on their skin. As they perspired, the iodine transfers from the skin to the paper, turning the starch in the paper blue-black. The amount of blue-black on the two papers was used to conclude the relative numbers of active sweat glands in the two areas. This experiment was devised to reinforce the lessons learned in their Integumentary System unit.

Career and Technical Education

At Luling High School, students continue to explore and take part in the different Career Technical Education (CTE) classes offered. An essential part of CTE is knowledge of the content, skill development and hands-on experience. These concepts give students the confidence and skills that prepare them for any industry certification examination.

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Secondary Instructional Coaching

Instructional coaches are an incredibly valuable component in improving academic success for all students. Instructional coaches work with individual teachers, small groups of staff, and entire faculties to provide guidance and support in the areas of curriculum and instruction. “According to Jim Knight... up to 90% of what teachers learn alongside coaches will be retained. This means, that unlike traditional professional development where Knight's research shows that teachers lose 90% of what they learn, coaching can provide an enormous impact” (Dewitt, 2016). At the beginning of this school year, Luling ISD added the position of instructional coach to our team. Amanda Wilson provides just that kind of support to the teachers at Gerdes Junior HIgh and Luling High School. On any given day, one may find Ms. Wilson working one-on-one with a teacher to better understand his or her curriculum resources and then providing a training to the entire staff on a schoolwide writing strategy. Ms. Wilson’s work with coaching teachers benefits all our students.


We are a busy district with lots of opportunities to participate in campus activities!

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