Sun Valley Technology Newsletter

March 2015

This Month's "Favorite Website"

Quizzity - How globally connected are you and your students? Your students will love this fast-paced world geography game. You earn points for proximity and speed. I learned that I need to travel more!

Cool Things Happening in the Valley!

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How to ... Freeze a Row in Google Sheets

When using a spreadsheet, sometimes it's beneficial to keep the headings stationary, and still have the ability to scroll down through numerous rows of data. Here's how to "freeze" the heading row:

1. Choose VIEW from the top toolbar

2. Choose FREEZE and the number of rows (or columns) you want to stay stationary

Content Area Focus - Social Studies

Puzzle Cubes - Using one of the templates below, create six clues to answer a Mystery Person, Event, Decade, War, Vocabulary word....the possibilities are endless! Students can answer in a variety of ways - on paper/google doc, in a Google Form Quiz Bowl template, in groups or individually. Create these cubes to use during a warmup or review.

Cubes to Use -

  • Brainy Box - This tool allows you to add images and videos. My Example
  • SmartNotebook (search the gallery for "keyword dice" - this only allows a very short clue)
  • Cube Creator - This allows for large amounts of information and you can print out the actual cube (Great way to get kids up and moving!)

Let me know if you like the idea, but aren't sure where to go from here!