Shoot for Star

You are invited to join the Shoot For Star Program

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Our team will be running a "Shoot for Star" program. This series will provide the plan, behaviors, inspiration and practical actions for a stylist to take to achieve Star in the next 90 days! All are invited, new stylists, seasoned stylists and all in between! Plus it will be FUN to do all of this together!

What is a Star Stylist?

Star Stylist is considered the sweet spot at Stella & Dot. You work 10-15 hours per week and coach a team of stylists. You have 3 qualified team members (each selling at least $500 per month), group sales of $10,000 per month, and personal sales of at least $2,000 per month.

What are the benefits of being a Star Stylist?

A Consistent Paycheck – average earnings just under 3K per month!

High Dollars Per Hour

Recognition from the Home Office

1st and 2nd time Promotion Bonuses at each level along the way

Earn a promotion when you promote to a new Career Level for the 1st time and earn a 2nd time Promotion Bonus when you earn that new Pay Rank again within 6 months of promoting. Your sponsor will get a matching bonus (a fun reward as you help others promote)

Associate Stylist- $100 x 2

Senior Stylist - $250 x 2

Star Stylist- $500 x 2

This sounds too overwhelming and I don't know if I want to promote

That is ok and totally normal. Why don't you join us in the call series to meet some new people on and off the team? We will be working alongside a larger groups of girls from Team Sapphire.

The takeaway from this series will be action tasks to move your business —and your paycheck —forward.

I am in! What next?

Let me know that you are interested. I will be sending everyone on the team an invite to join the program. Our kick off call will be on Monday 2/22 at 9PM EST. Plan on joining the call and working the program to get actionable steps to move your business forward and grow your paycheck.

Download the Race to Star worksheet here

Who do you want to join you on your S&D adventure? It is always more fun with a friend! Let’s add to your WDYKL now! Include the fashion lover, someone who would love more income, someone on your dream team list and Trunk Show guests & Hostesses

Reply and let me know if you are IN!!!

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I will be working the program right along with you. All Directors are going "back in time" and will be challenging themselves to the same weekly tasks as team members. I am going to go for a "virtual Star' with 3 new stylists and the same qualifications for star with that group!
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