Can You Find A Color Wheel?

Create a Color Wheel

Can you find a color wheel in our classroom?

Look around you! Wouldn't our world be dull if we only saw grey, brown, and black? Color is everywhere!

On your own, locate and photograph objects in the Art room that are the 13 colors of the color wheel. Please avoid just taking a picture of a colored piece of paper...BE CREATIVE!!!

Be sure to take the photographs up close, but be careful. You don't want a blurry photo!

Pic Collage Color Wheel

Use Pic Collage on your iPad to create your color wheel. Give your color wheel a title that includes your first name. You will need to include 13 colors and label each color according to these categories...

*Primary Colors

*Secondary Colors

*Intermediate Colors

*Neutral Colors

Hint: If you need help, there are resources around the room that might be helpful!

Airdrop your completed Color Wheel to Mrs. Fryatt when it is finished!

Questions and Answers

How many photographs do I need to take all together?


Do I put the color names on the color wheel?

No, but you do need to label each color as a primary color, secondary color,

intermediate color, or neutral color.

Do I have to put the color wheel in a circle?

No, as long as your colors are in the correct order. Be careful, though, number 13

might be tricky!

Where do I put my name so you know I completed my Color Wheel?

Include your first name in the title. Something like, "Sam's Color Wheel" is fine.

Should I take the photograph up close or far away?

That depends on what you are taking a picture of! Just remember...the majority of the photograph should show the color you need to include on the color wheel.

What if I see something that is the color I need, but it is somewhere not in this room?

Good eyes! Check with Mrs. Fryatt and we'll figure something out.