Mark Twain's Life

By: Madi Atkinson period 2


. Born November 30, 1835 in Florida, Missouri

.Samual Langhorn Clemens was the sixth child to John Marshall and Jane Langdon Clemens

. He was born two months prematurely

. His mother tried many remedies on him, these recollection were later in his literary works

. Since he was born prematurely his mother often coddled him

Early childhood

. He inherited humor from his mother; his father was a serious man and showed no affection

. His father was in stress from a bussiness failure when he was young

. Since his family had little money they moved to a Mississippi port in Hannibal Missouri

.In 1844 Samual found a corpse in his father's office. it was an emigrant who was in a fight

.In 1845 he witnessed a man shoot a merchant, which later became the boggs shooting in his literary work


.In 1850 the oldest Clemens son, Orion, returned from St.Louis and published "Hanibal Journal" The youngest Clemens son, Henry, as well as Samaul helped as aprentices

. Samual also practiced sketches and articles for the newspaper

.He tried many small occupations over the years

.In 1853 he worked in a large printing shop in New York

.He studied the Mississippi and was a boat pilot for a few years


.The first book he wrote in his writing career was "Jumping Frog" and told Orion" but it is my strongest suit " about his career as a writer

.He also wanted more than Journalism for his career

.His first published book " The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" didn't sell well

.His following book " the Inocents Abroad" was a great success

. During his career as a writer he took the pen name Mark Twain


.Growing up he was the sixth of seven children, only three of his siblings survived childhood

.His wife was Olivia Langdon. Together they had three daughters and one son

.His son Langdon was born prematurely, like his father, and died at 19 months old

.Mark Twain's daughter Jane had epilepsy and died in 1909

.Only one of his children was still alive at his death,Clara, the others died before they hit 30's


. Mark Twain has loved fishing from a young age

. He would hang out with his friend's daughters and grand daughters to do grandfatherly things with them, since he didn't have grandchildren

.In baseball's early life, Mark Twain loved and understood it well, which was unknown until his later life

. Mark Twain was the pen name he picked from writing at the Virginia city newspaper. He first wrote under it in 1863

.Mark Twain is fond of cats and always had two cats in his home


. Mark Twain's lecture in Hawaii (1866) later became famous

.He went into a depression in the early 1900's after three of his children and his wife died

. He was born in 1835 when Halley's comet made an appearance, He is known for saying "I came in with a comet, and I'll go out with one". He died in 1910 when a comet could be seen from Earth

.By the age of 13 he had drowned a documented 9 times

.One of Mark Twain's favorite getaways was Bermuda