Box of Balloons

Chapter Leader News- January 2016

Happy New Year!!!

We had a fantastic 2015 and have now given a total of 353 birthdays to children in need, that is quite AMAZING!

Now we look ahead, a new year, new goals, new opportunities, new partnerships and LOTS of new birthdays to make happy.

I have a few very specific goals for each of you to start the year so take a peak and let me know if you have any questions.


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Throw Back Thursdays!

We are starting some consistent facebook posts every Monday and Thursday. Monday is "Make a Wish Monday", please be sure to comment each Monday on the post.

Thursday will be Throw Back Thursday! It is a widely known day and hashtag so we are hoping for some interaction. Our page will only grow and reach more people if followers are liking and commenting on posts so PLEASE DO SO!

Each of you needs to send me a Throw Back Thursday picture by next Friday January 15th. It can be you when you were little, at a party, in college (appropriate please:))), one of your kiddos, etc.

Supply Drives!!!

Supply drives are a great way to collect needed birthday supplies, involve the community and spread the word about Box of Balloons!

They can be done at your place of employment, your church, a local business, your doctor's office, the possibilities are endless!

Last hear I did one at my church and it was amazing! Michelle has done several supply drives but recently did one at a local coffee shop in Madison, WI. They not only collected lots of supplies but also made a business contact and gained some volunteers.

Our San Diego team has done a supply drive and collect lots of items!

I challenge each of you do to at least 1 supply drive this year!!! It is fun and easy, I promise!

Step 1: Decide when and where you will do the drive.

Step 2: Fill out the special event form and submit to Nicole.

Step 3: If you would like a graphic or flyer made to promote it please let Nicole know.

Step 4: PROMOTE!

Step 5: Collect items and make more birthdays happy!

Blog Posts!!!

One of our big goals this year is to increase our social media presence. One way of doing this to make sure our blog is active and current.

Everyone on staff has specific weeks throughout the year they need to submit blog posts, we have asked some volunteers and we are asking you too! Please submit at least one blog post (can be more) during the month I give you!

February- Michelle Krogstad

March-Hailey Berg

April-Tiffany Bethke

May-Despina Rogers

June- Emilie Hoeft

July-Christina Tolpa

August-Kim McHale

September-Wendy Allen

October-Jessica Adkins

November- Rebecca Verhulst

December- Dana Gilbertson

Blog posts needs to be at least one complete paragraph and needs to include at least one picture. If you can compose in google docs that is best. Email or share link with Nicole.

You can write about your favorite party theme, one of your kiddos birthdays, a birthday tradition, a favorite recipe, why you love BOB, how your supply drive went, one of your favorite boxes you have put together, a memory from your childhood, anything!!!!

YAY! I am so excited for 2016, I am hope you are too, it will be a HAPPY year!