Personality of Grace

SPS Health Online//Myers-Briggs Compare and Contrast

Similarities in the Test and in My Actual Personality

Extraverted// I love doing things with my friends and being around social interaction.

Observant// I focus on things from my past that have happened.

Thinking// I focus on being realistic and I am incredibly tough.

Prospecting// I am a good improviser and anxiously I seek freedom

Turbulent// I'm very self-conscious, success oriented and care about my image.

Flaws in the Test and How it's Different From My Personality

Extraverted// I think before I speak, otherwise I'd be in trouble.

Observant// I honestly, wouldn't classify myself as down-to-earth.

Thinking// I try to follow my mind, but other plans get in the way of it.

Prospecting// I never have and never will be relaxed about my work.

Turbulent// I'm not a perfectionist because I like things done a certain way.