200m Backstroke

By: Vamsi Chintha

The Olympics

The 200 Meter Backstroke is one of the most classic Olympic events, it is very iconic for the Olympics. It is one of the many swimming events involved in the Olympics. Some of the swimmers who have won the gold medal for this event have recorded unbelievable times, they are bound to blow your mind. The swimmers swim for a total for 200 meters as fast as they can and they all compete for one thing; the gold medal.
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Scatter Plot of the Time's

This scatter plot shows the times of the Men and Women Gold Medalists. The Blue Squares represent the Men and the Red X's represent the Women. As you can clearly see, the Men's times are much faster than the Women's times.
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Lines Of Regression

This graph shows the trend lines for both Male and Female Gold Medalists. The Red Line represents the females and the Blue Line represents the Males.
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Intersection Point

This is the intersection point of the trend line of the male and female Gold Medalists. The intersection point is where the male and female cross or intersect with each other.

The X-Coordinate

The X-Coordinate in the graph is 2574.388489. What that means is that in 2575 Summer Olympic Games, the females will pass the males and continue to record faster times than them.

The Y-Coordinate

The Y-Coordinate in the graph is 45.28538129. What that means is that when the females pass the males in 2575 games, the female finalists finishing time will be 45.29 seconds.