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Term 2 - Issue 7 27th May 2021

2021 - More than a Word. Reconciliation Takes Action.


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Dear Parents & Caregivers,

It's been a very busy past two weeks and there has been a wonderful vibe around the school with our mural being completed and the launch of Friends of Francis. The Year 3's and 5's also successfully navigated the NAPLAN assessment and the whole school looked fantastic for their school photos.

This week marks a significant date in our school calendar with National Sorry Day commemorated yesterday, 26th May, and today marks the beginning of Reconciliation Week.

Reconciliation Week - 27th May to 3rd June

The theme for this year is: More than a word, Reconciliation takes Action.

Every year, as Australians we are called to play a role in collectively building relationships and communities that value Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories, cultures, and futures. Reconciliation is a journey for all of us as staff, children and families. This year marks 20 years of Reconciliation Australia and nearly three decades of the formal reconciliation process. As a school, we continue to build our cultural competency and awareness as we educate our children and staff about the the culture and history of our First Nations people. To assist our community in taking steps further towards this process, Mrs Jackie Hunt (2W) leads a group of staff as part of our Aboriginal Education Team which includes Miss Nikeisha Vinciguerra, our Aboriginal Teachers' Education Assistant. This group has led the development of our Aboriginal Education Plan and continues to support staff and children in their knowledge and understanding of First Nations people.

Throughout this week, the children will be involved in class activities for Reconciliation Week, but if parents would like more information, please visit

Semester One Reports & Interviews 24th June

The academic achievement reports for Semester One are fast approaching and will be available to access via SEQTA Engage on Friday 18th June. ALL reports will only be accessed electronically via the Seqta Engage portal. For those parents yet to set up their Seqta Engage account and download the app, please contact for assistance.There will be NO PAPER COPIES of reports printed this year.

Following the release of reports, parents will be invited to attend parent interviews with the class teacher on Thursday 24th June, beginning at 1:30pm. School will finish at 1pm to enable the report interviews to take place. ALL children will need to be collected at 1pm. For parents unable to pick up their children, Camp Australia will be available from 1pm on that date. Please visit the to book.

Unwell Children

Thank you to those parents who have kept their children home when unwell. As winter approaches and bugs start to circulate in the community, it is vitally important that if your child is unwell, they do not attend school. If your child is away, please send written confirmation to the class teacher or

School Uniform

After the children looking so well groomed in their uniform for school photos, it is a standard we need to maintain. We are now in full winter uniform, and as the mornings become colder, a reminder that school woollen jumpers are to be worn, and a sports jacket can be worn over the top for extra warmth. Children are not to wear just the sports jacket. We are recognising those classes that have the correct uniform on a regular basis. If you are unsure of uniform requirements or are in need of additional items, please visit the uniform shop on the details below.

Help Needed - Book Covering

The library and literacy team would like to make a list of people who would be able to take some books home to cover them in contact. The contact would be cut to size. If you think you could lend your outstanding book covering skills to our school, please leave your name with the office staff. When the books are ready to cover, someone will make contact with you.

Wall Mural

Over the past week, Overtime Design artists, Luke and Sam have been sharing their artistic talents and completing the mural as a striking reflection of our Patron Saint, Francis of Assisi. As the Patron Saint of Ecology and the environment, the mural depicts the animals associated with our factions, as well as some local flora. All animals and flora were chosen by our students and the faction names represent varying connections to Francis of Assisi. The end result is stunning and a testament to the ideas brought forward by staff, students and our parent community. Take a look at the nearly finished product below!

It is worth mentioning that both Luke and Sam have had a number of classes visit them while painting and also whilst waiting to be picked up after school. Through all these interactions with our children, both artists have commented on several occasions just how polite, well-mannered and lovely our children have been. This only further reflects the values of St Francis and is a testament to the wonderful community we are all a part of.

Upcoming Year 6 Winter Carnival and SFOA Cross Country

As Ms Hamilton alludes to below, next Tuesday 1st June, our Year 6's are off to compete in the Winter Carnival. This comprises of boys and girls AFL football, boys and girls soccer and a mixed netball division. Thanks to Ms Hamilton for coordinating and good luck to all the children competing. Whilst it is a fun day to get active and meet new people, I'm sure all the children would like a win or two (and maybe some competitive teachers!). There will be bragging rights for the successful teacher coaches I'm sure!

The following Wednesday 9th June (after the long weekend), our Year 3-6 children will be participating in the SFOA Cross Country Event. Please see Ms Hamilton's information below for details and stay tuned for the program of races for the morning. We would love to see families supporting their children trackside.

A busy couple of weeks ahead as we head into the back end of a long Term 2! In the meantime, enjoy the upcoming weekend and have a great fortnight ahead.

Best wishes

Jason Baker


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Please keep the children preparing to receive the Sacrament of First Holy Communion in your prayers. First Communion Day is Sunday 13 June.

First Holy Communion Workshop

The First Communion Workshop was held last night in the school hall, and it was a great turnout! Thank you to the children and parents for your participation in the activities, and your thoughtful responses. If you were unable to attend the workshop please contact me:

First Holy Communion Retreat (children & teachers only)

The retreat will be held on Tuesday 8 June (after the long weekend). Children are to wear their sports uniform for the day. The retreat will be in the school hall from 8:30am - 2:40pm.

First Holy Communion Rehearsal & Reconciliation

The First Communion Candidates and Teachers will travel by bus to and from St Andrew's Church for the rehearsal and Reconciliation. The bus will leave St Francis of Assisi at 9:30am and return at 1pm.

Sacrament of First Eucharist (First Holy Communion) Sunday 13 June 11am.

Term 2 Masses & Liturgical Celebrations

We would really love to have our parents come and share in our class and school liturgies and masses. Hope to see you there!

Yr 3 Mass - Friday 4 June 8:45am

Benedict Feast Day Liturgy - Thursday 24 June 8:45am

Yr 1 Paraliturgy - Friday 25 June 8:45am


Congratulations to Molly and Jasmin Edwards, Kaetlyn Pollock, Serena Williams, Dayna Neill, Billy Boschman and Alijok Chol who have all completed Altar Server training. These children will be commissioned at Mass this weekend. Special thank you to Mrs Bond, Mr Summers and Errol for their guidance and support of the children.

The next scheduled trainings for altar serving is in Term 3. Students in Years 4-6 wishing to become trained as an Altar Server, please see me as soon as possible.


Last Sunday was Pentecost, which marks the end of the Easter Season in the Church. As Catholics we celebrate the birth of our Church.

The word Pentecost is Greek and it means "50th day." Fifty days after Easter Sunday, we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and their followers, and the beginning of their Earthly ministry to make disciples of all nations.

At Pentecost, the Apostles and their followers were gathered in a room. At this time, a great wind blew and a flame appeared as a tongue of fire, which split itself into many individual flames above the heads of all those present. The Holy Spirit came upon these people and each began to speak in tongues. Despite the fact many had no common language, they were perfectly able to understand one another.

“The Lord bless you and keep you. May He show His face to you and have mercy. May He turn His countenance to you and give you peace. The Lord bless you!” – St. Francis of Assisi

May God continue to bless us, each and every day,

Miss Dee Campbell


This fortnight we are celebrating the achievement of Lachlan Clinton in 6W. In January, Lachlan was selected to play for the SunCity Baseball Charter Team. Over Easter, the State Baseball Championships were held and Lachlan's team qualified to compete in the National Little League Baseball Tournament. This means a trip to Lismore, NSW in June! A fantastic achievement and we could be seeing our next Major League Baseball Star! Good luck, Lachlan!


Year 6 Winter Carnival – Tuesday 1st June

A note was sent home last week regarding the Year 6 Winter carnival. The children will be representing the school at Kingsway Sporting Complex on Tuesday 1st June and they have chosen either AFL, soccer or netball. The competition will be run in a round robin competition against 7 other schools with an emphasis on participation and having fun. Please refer to the note on what the children need to bring and wear and if you have any further questions please contact myself or the classroom teacher. Spectators are welcome and the children would love to see family members come and support them.

Year 3-6 Faction Cross Country Carnival – Wednesday 9th June

This year our faction cross country carnival will be held on Wednesday 9th June. This is a compulsory event for all children in Years 3-6, everyone gets points and contributes to the overall winning faction for competing no matter where they finish. The children have been practising really hard and working on their endurance for the past few weeks during sports lessons and are excited for the carnival. Children are to wear their faction polo top and sports shorts/skorts on this day. Please note the times for the races are approximate and parents are more than welcome to come along and cheer on the children. We require some parent volunteers to help with encouragement and supporting the children as they run around the track. Those children who finish in the top 6 will represent the school at the interschool cross country on June 25th.


Year 3 Girls - 8:45am

Year 3 Boys - 9:00am

Year 4 Girls - 9:15am

Year 4 Boys - 9:35am

Year 5 Girls - 9:55am

Year 5 Boys - 10:25am

Year 6 Girls - 11:15am

Year 6 Boys - 11:45am

Before and After School Activities

Please see below the list of before and after school activities on offer for Term 2. For all registrations (apart from Badminton) you need to contact the Association.


Amanda Hamilton



This week I have a fiction book for you. The title is 'The secret library of Hummingbird House' by Julianne Negri.

"Hattie Maxwell is trying to make sense of her life since the Big Split."

It used to be the four of them - Mum, Dad, Ivy and Hattie - against the universe.

This book is now on display in the Library.


This term we introduced the whole school reward system, Friends of Francis.


At St. Francis of Assisi, we believe that positive student recognition is a great incentive and motivator of continued student progress and good behaviour. Regular reward and recognition is important in boosting student morale and enthusiasm for learning. Students learn most effectively in a safe and consistent environment where they are supported and rewarded for positive behaviours. Good discipline involves the development of appropriate, responsible attitudes and behaviour in students.

Friends of Francis is a Whole School Reward System

Friends of Francis actively promotes positive behaviour by providing students with a sense of belonging. It enables students to develop a clear understanding of required expectations, become responsible for their own behaviour and work together to create a positive school learning community.

Our school-wide rewards system acknowledges both the whole school and individual students who have made positive progress towards displaying our school-wide behavioural expectations. The rewards system is a tiered system and has three levels of recognition which includes:

Level 1: Individual recognition

Raffle Tickets - frequently awarded to students for displaying positive behaviour in the playground and school environment. Students who receive a raffle ticket, will go in the draw for a chance to win a Lunch with Leadership invitation. The students drawn out at these special assemblies will receive a Friends of Francis certificate being sent home to their parents (to acknowledge this positive behaviour) and will be invited to have a special lunch with a member from the Leadership Team at the end of the term.

Level 2: Faction recognition

Students who receive a raffle ticket will also be given a faction token to contribute towards their faction collection. The Faction Collection tubes are housed outside the library. The winning faction at the end of each term will receive recognition in the form of extra lunch time play or a free special food day e.g., ice-creams.

Level 3: Whole School recognition

When the whole school has achieved the whole school targets, the whole school will receive recognition in the form of a “special day” such as a free dress day, crazy hair day, extra lunch time play or a free special food day e.g., ice-creams.

Friends of Francis Reward System in Kindy

The Reward System is slightly different for our Kindy students. Raffle Tickets – will be awarded to students for displaying positive behaviour in the playground and school environment. Students who receive a raffle ticket, will go in the draw for a special prize and will receive a Friends of Francis certificate being sent home to their parents (to acknowledge this positive behaviour). Kindy will have their own class targets and rewards once they have been reached.

It has been wonderful to see the excitement amongst the staff and students as we recognise and celebrate the positive behaviours that reflect our school values of Respect, Responsibility and Honesty. The token collection tubes have been filling fast which is so exciting and encouraging. Last week the following students were our first Friends of Francis Raffle Winners. Congratulations to Jeremiah (PP), Scarlett (PP), Jae (1), Brian (1), Mareng (3), Loushia (4), Layla (5) and TJ (5). They received a Friends of Francis Certificate and a Lunch with Leadership Invitation which will be held Thursday 1st July.

We also have the latest tally of our faction token collection. In the lead with the most tokens collected is:

1. Agnes 289

2. Benedict 263

3. McCormack 262

4. Kolbe 257

A total of 1071 tokens were earned, an amazing effort! We look forward to our next raffle draw which will be tomorrow, Friday 28th May. Remember one kind word can change someone’s entire day!

Mrs Liz Ward

(Well Being Team)

SFOA BREAKFAST CLUB (Supported by Bakers Delight Ocean Keys, Clarkson)

Every Tuesday & Thursday

When: Every Tuesday/Thursday

Time: 8:00am - 8:20am

Where: Hall

Come in and grab some toast with vegemite or jam and start your day right!


Happy Birthday to the following students who have recently celebrated or who are celebrating a birthday over the next two weeks:

Eleanor Jarvis, Awan Awan, Kyle Murphy, Mabel Ashworth, Indiana Kingsley, Paige Hansen, Abigail Leahy, Arabella Wilson, Abel Stelio, Jason Modi, Ava Clinton, Georgia Unthank, Quinn Dennis, Nyandeng Akol, Armaan Virdi, Milan Deswal, Taicia Ashley, Ariana Rudduck, Apiny Athoi.

We wish you all a wonderful day!!


Thursday 27 May to Thursday 3rd June - Reconciliation Week

Friday 28 May - Merit Assembly (8:45am)

Sunday 30 May - 'May Flower Festival' St Andrew's Church 9:00am Mass

Tuesday 1 June - Year 6 Winter Carnival

Friday 4 June - Year 3 Class Mass (8:45am)/Year 6 excursion

Monday 7 June - WA Day Public Holiday (no school for students)

Tuesday 8 June - 1st Communion Retreat

Wednesday 9 June - SFOA Cross Country (Years 3 - 6)/P&F Pizza lunch/P&F Meeting (6:00pm)

Thursday 10 June - Year 1 excursion

Friday 11 June - Merit Assembly (8:45am)/1st Communion Rehearsal & Reconciliation

Sunday 13 June - 1st Holy Communion @ St Andrew's Church (11:00am)


Dear Parents,

School fee reminder statements were recently sent home. Families who have not made any payment yet, please attend to these ASAP. You will also be contacted next week to meet with the Principal to arrange a payment plan. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, either contact me on 9562 9500 or email

If your Health Care Card has expired please provide the updated one to the front office to continue to receive the discount. Please note discounts will not continue to be given to expired HCCs.

Kind regards,

Geneve Bastian


Please click on the document below to view Camp Australia's Winter holiday program.


To find out more information about IMCC's Performing Arts Gala Night please click on the flyer below.


Monday: 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Where: NEW LOCATION - Operating out of the demountable at the rear of the school!

Ph: (08) 9204 1701

Address: 1/85 Guthrie St, Osborne Park 6017


For Parents, the link to the online ordering system is as follows:

From here, parents can see the uniforms list (including pricing) and place their orders online.

Also, as an alternative, parents can also go to the JFE website:

From here, they can see all the contact details for JFE.

They can also place orders from this website. They can click on the “Order Now” button or the “Orders” heading and use the School Code: 2147

Online Order Delivery Timing

JFE will deliver all online orders to the school - they will be available for collection/delivery every Monday

The cut-off time for online orders to make the above delivery date is 12midday the Friday to allow for delivery/collection on the Monday.