Southwest Region By: Caroline Yount

Physical And Human Characteristics


The states in this region are Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.


There are several landforms in the Southwest. This regions landforms include flat pains, low deserts, mesas, high mountains, cannons, and plateaus. Mesas are hills with flat tops. This region is home to the Grand Canyon. It is 217 miles long and stretches though northern Arizona. The Grand Canyon is more than a mile deep and measures 18 miles rim to rim at it widest point. As you can see there are many landforms in the Southwest.


There are so many cool attractions in this region! These include The Big Bend National Park, The Grand Canyon, and the Carlsbad Caverns. A fun fact about The Big Bend National Park is that you can camp there. There are 3 different campgrounds. The Big Bend National Park opened in June 12, 1944. These are some of the cool attractions in the region.

Natural Resources

There are so many useful natural resources in the region. These include copper, oil, sheep, cattle, gold, iron, gas, and black gold. These items sometimes are taken to a refinery instead of using them the way they receive it. This means they take it to a place where they can turn one thing in to something else. As you can see there are very useful natural resources in this region.


There are many wonderful landmarks in this region. These include The Grand Canyon, New Mexico National Park, Carlsbad Caverns, Hall of Giants, Green Lake Room, The Kings Place, The Lake of the Clouds, Johnson Space Center, and Petrified Forest. Carlsbad Caverns is one of the oldest cave systems and receives around 300,000 visitors a year. There are many amazing things to do at Carlsbad Caverns like the bat flight program. These are the wonderful landmarks in the region.


There very are unique housing systems in the Southwest. These include houses like you and me have, but there are others types of housing like Clay, Brick, and even Pueblo in New Mexico. Pueblo houses are made of stone, adobe, and wood. Pueblo houses were first home to the Pueblo Indiana tribes. In conclusion these are the very unique housing systems in the region.

Major Cities

There are very amazing major cities in the region. These are Oklahoma City, Austin Texas, Santa Fe, Houston, Tulsa, Dora, Phoenix, and Dallas. Oklahoma City is the capital of Oklahoma. Austin Texas is the capital of Texas. Phoenix is the capital of Arizona. Santa Fe is the capital of New Mexico. Houston is in the state of Texas. Tulsa is in the state of Oklahoma. Dora is in the state of New Mexico. These are the amazing cities of this region.

Major Bodies of Water

There are many interesting bodies of water in the Southwest region. These include The Colorado River, the Rio Grande, Hover Dam, Gulf of California, and The Gulf of Mexico. An interesting fact about the Colorado River is that it is 1,450 miles long and flows through seven parts of the U.S. The Rio Grande is 1,896 miles long. This river is the fourth longest river in the U.S. Those are a few of the major bodies of water.

Important Jobs

There are very interesting jobs in the region such as mining, oil, engineers, repair workers, mechanics, sales person, and truck drivers. If you are really good at selling things to people you know or do not you could be a successful sales person. These are just some of the very interesting jobs in the region.

Key Words

Refinery: a place they turn something something into something else.

Mesas: a hill with a flat top.

Plateau: is a piece of flat land that is elevated above sea level.