KP Friday Focus

March 20, 2015

Things we noticed this week:

  • Eighth graders creating linear regression graphs, lines of best fit, and analyzing data to determine the strength of correlations between multiple variables.
  • Students practicing and applying their Spanish by asking questions about every day living to numerous staff in the building.
  • Students demonstrating teamwork while practicing their pivot and passing skills.
  • A teacher facilitating a deep conversation around a value laden topic with skill and grace.
  • Students of French proficiently translating complex sentences from English to French.
  • Colleagues really supporting each other through bouts of illness, family emergencies, and even smelly situations.
  • Students acting as expert tour guides while serving as our best ambassadors.
  • Teachers proudly representing KP (this week and last) as they welcomed potential 6th grade families.
  • Students of Spanish discussing meals in the target language, and representing their understanding with a synthesis of words and images
  • Students creating thoughtful research questions, assessing their French knowledge with Kahootit, and demonstrating their knowledge of creating a claim and supporting it with evidence.

School News

KPU Food Drive

We need your help in spreading a spirit of kindness through ACTION! Please remember to mention the food drive to students that runs through Friday March 27th. They should place all non-perishable in the box provided to each MA. The MA with the highest number of donations will win a breakfast extravaganza!

Opal's Donation to the West Hartford Food Pantry

Opal Team demonstrates that a little friendly competition can result in an amazing act of kindness.

Coffee House

Feeling tired, did you forget your coffee, or simply need a second cup?


Where: Teacher's Lounge

When: Monday's- during MA and 1st period

What's Brewing: Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, and Folgers Decaf

Why: It's only .50 cents and because you will be supporting our Special Needs Life Skill curriculum.

​Thank you for your support!​

Nuts and Bolts

PASSES, PASSES, PASSES -- Please assign students passes and please use the agenda to do so.
In preparation for making a schedule change for a student, the following procedure must be followed:

a. A parent/guardian must be made aware of the proposed change.
b. The counselor must identify that there are no scheduling conflicts.
c. The schedule change must be approved by an administrator.
d. Once approved the administrator will provide Elaine with a printed copy of the schedule change.
e. Elaine will make the schedule change.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, March 25

  • CSI - Building
  • Mock Trial Quarter Finals @ Our Lady of Mercy School in Madison - 2 to 8:00PM
Thursday, March 26
  • 7/8 Grade Bingo - 3 to 4PM in the small cafeteria
Friday, March 27
  • Midfest Tour Day - 9 to 10:30AM
  • Garnet Team Service Club Dinner @ Immaculate Conception Shelter

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Survey Time


  • Margie Scobbo, Marc Kotler, Mike Flaherty and Turquoise Team Teachers from colleague Shoshana Lapointe with a million thanks for helping to cover classes and support students so that I could get home and take care of what I needed to do.
  • Susanne Torcasio, Marc Kotler, Justin Gusy, Karen Walsh, all of the school counselors, the custodial staff (day and night) from colleague Joy Wright for all you did to make our 6th grade orientation nights such a success.
  • Shoshana LaPointe from colleague Justin Gusy for demonstrating her dedication to her colleagues and students.

  • Marc Kotler, Janel Aquadro, Troy Jones, Suellen Crawford (and anyone else) who pulled together to cover my classes when I could not be at school one day this week. Thank you so much! From colleague Heather Vocke
  • Kim Harrell from colleague Eric Fisher who delivered a writing lesson (last Fall) to our Ruby students on "How to write an appropriate email to a teacher" that continues to pay huge dividends in terms of our communications with students.
  • Francine Hechenbleikner from administration, school counselors and office staff for brightening our day with a daffodil delivery to welcome in spring.
  • Marc Kotler from the Opal Team would like to give a GEM award to Marc Kotler for his awesomeness in getting the check to the West Hartford Food Pantry BLOWN up!!

  • Paul Duquette and Marnie Paulus from colleague Justin Gusy for bringing the KP staff community a little closer together.

  • Elaine Mathieu from KP Admin for keeping calm and finding coverage on some challenging mornings.

  • Shoshana LaPointe and Nancy Moses from colleague Joy Wright for going above and beyond for our 6th grade orientation night.

In Case You Were Wondering Where KP Admin Is.

Monday, March 23 - Joy @ Collegial Calibration from 8 to 3:30PM

Tuesday, March 24 - Marc @ Collegial Calibration from 8 to 3:30PM

Thursday, March 26 - Joy @ Leadership from 8 to 12:00PM

Professional Learning Opportunity

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