September 11, 2001

By: Alexia Lewis

World Trade Center (Background Information)

The Twin Towers were the centerpieces of the World Trade Center complex. At 110 stories each. They were the tallest buildings in New York City, and for a brief period upon their completion, they were the tallest buildings in the world. On Tuesday, 11 September 2001, nineteen members of the Islamic terrorist group Al Qaeda perpetrated a devastating, deadly assault on the United States, crashing airplanes into the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, killing thousands.


People have quoted that "It was the United States who caused 9/11 not the Terrorist."

People wondered for years after this terrible event how can a building falls suddenly and symmetrically into its own footprint in under seven seconds - after witnesses hear explosions. A architecture built with so much power to with stand a four PLANE knocked down that big tower. "It was a setup." some Americans say.

Has things changed or are they the same?


9/11 is historical and cultural. We had previous events with Al-Qaeda and they were usually not a good ending result. 9/11 is a history among us Americans because that was a sacred place. People all over the world traded with the Twin Towers. Top businesses were in this building, Taliban came ruined and everything. Cultural comes into play because we assumed that every Muslim was involved in it, Even though were some Muslim people who lived in America that were apart of this Attack. So anyone who was of the Muslim Religion were practically shunned.

My Opinion

9/11 was a tragic day for U.S. Americans. It was crazy, dramatizing and scary. Also a shocking moment. It was regular Tuesday morning and before you know it a plane came crashed into the most powerful trade center in the world. I personally think Al-Qaeda was not apart of this attack. this was all United Sates doing.