Essex Elementary School Newsletter

November 22, 2019


Ordinarily I like to use the newsletter before Thanksgiving to talk about the incredibly therapeutic effects of gratitude, which has been shown to promote a host of both physical and emotional advantages. Today, however, I find myself needing to talk about something way more mundane, yet important to the smooth and safe operation of our school.

For the past several weeks we have been inundated with children bringing in toys, trading cards, smartphones/watches, iPads/tablets and makeup. Each of these items, in the hands of children ages 3 to 8, have varying degrees of appropriateness at home. In schools, however, each of these items can create havoc. Staff members at EES have spent inordinate amounts of time looking for lost, stolen or traded toys and/or cards. (Pokemon cards being the main, but by no means the sole, offender) We have responded to complaints of photos being taken on buses and playgrounds, and we have heard complaints from parents when their child comes home wearing lipstick which they did not leave the house with.

For these reasons I am instituting a ban on all these items in school. Now I understand that after school plans sometimes might require children to have a phone, so the rule around those is that they stay in backpack until children are given permission by their teacher (or supervising adult) to use them. If they come out of backpacks without that permission they will be confiscated, given to me and I will hold them until parents can pick them up.

Occasionally, though not often, teachers will have “stuffy days” or show and tell that allows children to bring in reasonably sized and appropriate toys. Those should also remain in backpacks until children are in the classroom, where those items should stay for the day.

Finally, makeup should not be brought into school at all. Please have a conversation with your child(ren) about these restrictions, and thank you in advance for your support! The less time we spend mitigating these difficulties, the more time we can spend teaching and learning with your children!

And, on a much more positive note, please enjoy your Thanksgiving break! Be grateful for all the wonders in your lives, including your children!


The votes were cast and the results are in! Leo was the name selected for out new Mascot!!

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With the Holidays approaching, many of you will be traveling to see family and friends.

As your school nurse I want all of our families to be safe.

Please remember these safety tips:

Vermont law requires ALL children up to 8 years old to ride in safety seats.

**Vehicle seat belts are designed for adult-sized bodies that are at least 4’ 9” tall and about 80 -100 pounds.

If your child uses an adult seat belt too soon, in the event of an accident, they could have serious injuries.

Children and air bags don’t mix… in the event that the air bag inflates, a child could receive serious injuries.

With or without an air bag, children under 13 years old should sit in the back seat. Research shows that they are 43 percent safer in the back seat.

Booster seats are inexpensive and a necessary investment to insure the safety of your children. I would be happy to help with any questions you have about the safest seating for your child while in the car.

For more information on car seat safety go to .

Be Safe,

Happy Holidays*

Kimberly Bullock, BSN, RN

EES Nurse



The art room is looking for volunteers to help tie peace bells in mid-December. This is a project that can potentially be picked up and taken home to do, or done at school.

Please contact Ms. Blain; if you are able to help!


Missing Items?

Please check our lost and found! It is already overflowing with sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, coats, water bottles and other miscellaneous items!

The lost and found is located in the front lobby near the gymnasium door.


Individuals interested in volunteering in our schools must register once a year, even if you are interested in volunteering at multiple schools/locations.


  • 11/25 - 11/29 - School Vacation
  • 12/2 - Mrs. Ayers & Mrs. Acanfora's class to Shelburne Farms 8:45-2:15
  • 12/4 - Mrs. Cook's class to Harriett Powell Museum 8:45-10:15
  • 12/9- Mrs. Pariseau & Ms. Rotach's class to Shelburne Farms 8:45-2:15