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September 16, 2016

Goshen Community School’s Mission Statement:

Inspiring Innovation… Empowering Potential… Enriching our World

West Goshen’s Vision Statement:

At West Goshen Elementary School, we will develop students who have the thinking skills, character traits, and global awareness necessary to work together in a diverse world.

IB Learner Profile highlight - KNOWLEDGEABLE

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There's a great story behind this picture

For those of you who have been in Carrie Markham's room, you know she is quite the artist and has a different picture for her agenda each day. This week she drew the picture above (notice the "knowledge takes effort" beside the weight lifter). As Carrie was going to erase it so she could draw a new picture for the following day, one of her students (Seth), stopped her and made a really cool analogy. He said they needed to keep the weight lifter up all week. As the weight lifter was gaining knowledge based on his effort, his muscles should get bigger - just like the students in her class are gaining more knowledge in their brains, the lifter is gaining more muscle. Genius analogy!

Then on another day, the students decided the weight lifter can't be satisfied with the same barbell each day because he wouldn't show as much effort with the same weight. So, each day they asked Carrie to add another barbell to the bar to show the "effort" is also increasing as the muscles (knowledge) continuously increases!

This is one of many examples I could have highlighted this week around our IB Learner Profile learning from cluster. I'm amazed every single day as I hear and SEE the attributes being talked about and SHOWN throughout West Goshen. Thank you, thank you, thank you for teaching our students how we want to develop them as learners! Amazing things are happening... :)

IB Learner Profile attributes are showing up all over our building - here are a few examples

Week in Review...

TLT Update:

We are continuing our unit of study on IB unit planning. Ruth has been doing an incredible job planning and then taking us through this new learning in TLT. We are getting excited to bring this to you in cluster during cluster cycle 2.

Guided Reading

By now you all have guided reading up and going (except kindergarten). On the report card there is a place to put the guided reading level students are in. If you need support in guided reading, Aimee or Ruth would be more than happy to help support you.

Note from Jodie:

I still have some open spaces for two volunteers on Monday afternoons. Could anyone use a volunteer on Mondays at





These two ladies do a wonderful job! Really would like to try and fill these time slots!


Just a reminder that we want to promote community involvement! This is something that IB and Title One supports! Let's get these volunteers placed!!! :)

Report cards

I have given a representative from each grade level a rough draft of the report card. Please make sure, as a grade level team, you look over the report card and submit your feedback back to me by Tuesday. I will then turn in all feedback to Tracey Noe at central office. Just a reminder that all teachers around the district are giving feedback so all of your suggestions will be taken into account but not necessarily used!

Upcoming Dates:

Monday, September 19:

New Evaluation Window Opens

Window B begins

7:30 - data meetings
2:00 - Lori at data meeting with Drs. Woodworth and Metcalfe
3:00-4:30 - TLT meeting

Tuesday, September 20:
9:00 - Coffee with Superintendent

1:15-2:45 - K/1 Cluster

3:00 - Reading Club meeting (Lori, Jodie, 2nd grade team)

Wednesday, September 21:

8:30-10:30 - District Master Teacher meeting (Aimee and Lori gone)

1:15-2:45 - 2/3 Cluster

Thursday, September 22:

1:15-2:45 - 4/5 Cluster

Friday, September 23:

8:30-10:30 - District Administrator TAP meeting (Lori gone)

Monday, September 26:

7:30 - data meetings
3:00-4:30 - TLT meeting

Tuesday, September 27:
9:00 - Coffee with Superintendent

1:15-2:45 - K/1 Cluster

3:00 - Reading Club meeting (Lori, Jodie, 2nd grade team)

Wednesday, September 28:

7:30-8:10 - willSub training at GHS auditorium

1:15-2:45 - 2/3 Cluster

4:00-4:45 - willSub training at GMS auditorium

Thursday, September 29:

1:15-2:45 - 4/5 Cluster

Friday, September 30:

October 1:
District Soccer Tournament at GHS


October 4 - willSub training 3:15-4:00 GHS auditorium
October 7 - End of 1st grading period
October 11 & 13 - Parent Teacher Conferences
October 24 - Everyone begins using willSub to report absences and request subs
October 25 - TRIVIA NIGHT

Great discussion

The entire 5th grade met and talked about 9/11. The discussion was powerful in the few minutes I was in there! It's hard to think that these kids were not even born when this happened...they became very KNOWLEDGEABLE in a very monumental day in history with this lesson! Thanks, 5th grade team for the great lesson!
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