Joe Louis

he was a boxer and he was very good at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About Joe!

Born on May 13, 1914 in Lafayette, Alabama, Joe Lewis went on to become the heavyweight champion of the world. Known as the Brown Bomber, Louis held the belt for nearly 12 years, a boxing record, and posted 25 successful title defenses.
Joe Louis vs Max Schmeling - 1st Round Knockout
  • He died of a heart attack April 12th, 1981
  • His first title fight with Walcott was a split decision, but Louis' final title defense was a KO of Walcott in 11. The decision against Godoy was validated by a KO in 8 the same year.
  • . He was KOed in 8. It was 1951. Louis had retired the heavyweight title two years previously, after holding it for twelve years. I think if Louis had been in his prime for this fight instead of nearing 40, he might well have tarnished Rocky's flawless
  • Joe Louis was born in La Fayette, Alabama. He grew up in Detroit, the seventh of eight children born to farmer parents.cord.