Brilliant Brains Bulletin- K


Mrs. Redmon

Current Studies and Explorations

We are just beginning our new study on paleontology. Students will start out becoming geologists discovering the earth's materials. Then students will move to discovering fossils and their purpose in understanding the past. Throughout this unit, students will continue to integrate math skills, understand the correct use of scientific tools, & discovering through the process of asking scientific questions. Through modeling and a group investigation, we will pose questions related to our study of paleontology and dig deeper into discovering the answers.

Upcoming Events

BREC Bluebonnet Swamp:

- March 19th: Rockin' At the Swamp (explore the exciting world of rocks, minerals, gemstones, and fossils).


~9 am-4pm

~Adults: $5
~Children (Ages: 2-17): $4
~Children (Ages: 2 & younger): Free

Highland Road Park Observatory:

-Every Friday & Saturday Nights: Evening Sky Viewings (Free/all ages/Fri.: 8:30-10pm/Sat. 7:30-10pm)

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Dates to Remember

Mardi Gras Holiday- February 8-10 (No School)