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Rocky River Elementary School

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Week of January 18-22

Upcoming Events

Monday, Jan. 18

  • No School - Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday

Tuesday, Jan. 19

  • Required Teacher Workday
  • Check to see if you are signed up for your mid year PDP--please remember to complete your PDP mid-year narrative and reflections on your EVAAS Growth data
Dr. LaRusso Mrs. Earnhardt

Wednesday, Jan. 20 - Day 1

  • MOY mClass testing

Thursday, Jan. 21 - Day 2

  • MOY mClass testing

Friday, Jan. 22 - Day 3

  • MOY mClass testing


Chuck and Lani


Class pictures will be Thursday, January 28th. Please click on the schedule to view your time. Thank you!

Balanced Literacy: Do Your Best Work Today!


We are half way through the year and with each day that passes we know that EVERY DAY counts. Please take a moment to reflect on your Balanced Literacy Instruction, by completing this survey. These are best practices and we love to see them demonstrated in your classroom, however this is completely for your own benefit. Please use it to reflect on your own Balanced Literacy program and procedures, but know that your responses are totally anonymous. Thank you!

Balanced Literacy Reflection

Familiar Faces in New Places

After several years at Rocky River Ms. Ferns has resigned her position as the teacher in our communications classroom. We wish Ms. Ferns the best in her future endeavors. We are happy to announce that Lisa Cooper will be the new teacher in our communications classroom!


Our mClass reading assessment continues through January 27th. As noted above, please use a Level 0 when walking through the halls. Thank you!

It's cold outside!

As we move into the chilly winter months, please note we do not go outside for outdoor recess/play when the temperature is below 35 degrees. Please take into account any wind chill. If you are questioning if it's too cold for outdoor recess, you can always ask the front office for a temperature check. Please also keep in mind students apparel. If they are not appropriately dressed for outdoor play, please provide some type of play indoors as an alternative option. Thank you and stay warm!

Third Grade Living Museum

Classes are invited to attend the 3rd Grade Living Museum. The museum will be open for visitors February 18, 19, 25, and 26. Click on the GoogleDoc to sign up!

3rd Grade Living Museum

Happy Birthday to You!!!

January 18 - Susie Boyles

January 19 - Rita Phillips

January 21 - Leslie Cannon

Check-In and Check-Out

An additional reminder....If for some reason you have to leave campus during your regular work hours, even for just a second, please check with an administrator and sign out at the kiosk in the office.

Mid-Year Instructional Assistant Evaluations

Please take some time to provide mid-year feedback to your instructional assistants. Those who share the help of an Instructional Assistant should find time to collaborate. Lani and I will also be available to help you in completing the form, or meeting with you and your IAs to provide feedback if you would like. If you could please complete the mid-year IA evaluation form (linked below), review with your Instructional Assistant and submit to me by January 30th. Please place the evaluation in a sealed envelope, and turn it into my box.

Thank you for providing valuable feedback to your Instructional assistants!

Here is the link to the new document:


This Week's Winner's Circle!

“Good teachers put snags in the river of children passing by, and over the years they redirect hundreds of lives.” ~Tracy Kidder, Pulitzer Prize-winning author