Nicholas Copernicus

By Gunnar

Nicholas copernicus born and died

Nicholas Copernicus was born in Thorn Poland on February 19 1473 and died on May 24 1543

What he Discovered

In the early 1500s everyone believed that earth was the center of the universe but he protested that it was wrong even when his models was not done but he planed that other astronomers will add on to it to prove that the star that is the sun is the center of the solar system.

were did he go

when he was 18 he traveled to Italy to attend college were he prepared for a career in the church he also stud astrology which is reading of the stars to tell future events as he attend he lived and work with Domenico Maria de Novara he help him to make observations

How did his work chage the world

it change the world by the star/sun is the center of the solar system and that the earth revolves around the sun and it changed how the world thinks.

His challenges

His challenges were that the church was saying that god created the universe and there for we were the center of the universe and ever one believe that but Coupericus