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Mountain Bike Clothing


This has made a major impact on me because it showed me how to communicate with others. It also became very adamant that I need to reach out to people to market my clothing line and people will not always come to me. It is harder than you think to create something from scratch and try to sell it to a specific audience. I now know how much time that you have to give to other people that you are working with, it is not just a thing in high school, but it is in real life as well.

My Design

I started with general ideas in my head with what I wanted to come up with. After I spent an hour or two in photoshop learning it I decided to give a few attempts a go. I knew that I wanted a neutral look with little color and one jersey that popped. I also wanted a modern design that looked good, but was not overwhelming. I first began with a diagonal stripe across the shirt and one sleeve each color. That did not look right to me in photoshop, so I stepped away for the night and began fresh another time. When I came back I knew that it would be best to go with a horizontal line across the shirt. I played with a few different colors, I liked blue and green was a bit too wild, so I ended up with going with a red. I like how it pops, but it still looks good. I went with a silver and black jersey option to keep it classy. I did make a forth with combining the black and silver, but I felt like there was no negative space so I stuck with the three options. Two that are classy and one that really pops out from anything that I have seen out on the trail.


  • Mountain biking has been around since the 1970's.
  • In the beginning people usually just wore what they would consider street cloths.
  • Since the rise of motocross some people just threw on their motocross gear.
  • Mountain bikers who were more concerned with how fast they went adapted the rodie side of things and wore road biking gear, which is very tight and uncomfortable.
  • Ever since the Downhill World Cup began in 1993 riders wore tight fitting jerseys.
  • In 2002 when Nicholas Voulious won the World Championship by .002 to Shaun Palmer who was wearing motocross gear
  • That led to the UCI Banning all skin-suitsin in 2008 for all World Cup and World Championship races.


I chose to do this project because I am passionate about mountain biking and I want to explore my design side of myself and create something that i am proud of. I also want to gain business experience because I will need to sell these to someone. I have always wanted to create something that I am passionate about and not do school assigned project, because it usually does not interest me and then I am not as motivated to complete the project.


I ordered 15 jerseys (5 of each color in a variety of sizes) and so far I have about six people interested in buying them. I am looking to sell them for $45 dollars each and if I sell all of them I will have a profit. I have reached out to some of my close mountain bike friends and they said that they would pass the word. One even works at a bike shop so hopefully I can market through him. If I have any left over money I will donate it to my local trail building club, who i volunteer with in the summer. I went over my goals that I set for this project and can not wait to see them in person.