Redwood National Park

By Ian Wassel

Redwood National Park features

Redwood National Park has lots of unique features like a forest,Fern Valley,mountains, beaches, rivers, lakes, and ponds. Redwood National Park has lots of great unique features that are lots of fun.

The tallest trees

Redwood National Park is well known for its very tall trees in fact Redwood National Park has the tallest trees on the planet. The redwood trees can live up to 500-700 years but, the oldest redwood tree that ever lived was 2000 years old!

How many people visit each year

On average 901,296 people visit each year. Redwood national park is located in California, Redwood was also established by Congress in 1968.


Redwood National Park gives you different choices of activities to do like camping, hiking, horseback riding, going to the beach and so much more cool activities to do!

The grumpy old troll

Once upon a time, there was a grumpy old troll that lived in Redwood National Park under a dead tree. When people had to cross over he would jump out and scare them. No one knows why he was so grumpy but he never changed and never will. He kept scaring men,women, and children but one day he tried to scare a little girl but she just looked at him and smiled. She crawled down and gave him a small yellow flower he looked at her with a sour face. Then his sour face turned into a sweet face, the little girl walked up and gave him a hug. All of a sudden he gave the little girl a big trolley hug, and the grumpy old troll was now the sweet old troll.