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Lies about fat

If you eat fat you become fat, right? No it isn´t that simple. It is true that fat has more calories per gram than foods like, carbs or protein, but fatty foods are so full filling, that it is hard to over eat.

Different types of fats

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Key to a healthy diet

Make sure to incorporate all the main food groups in your diet. Each time you eat your plate should be full of color. You want to balance the mount of calories you consume, with your everyday activities. You want to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, but also the right amount of grains and protein. You can not eat all of one food group. Make sure you read the labels of things you are eating to see how much trans fat is in it or how many calories you are consuming. You need to do all of this to ensure you are eating the right amount of food, but not too much so you gain weight. Just continue to workout and eat healthy and you are on track to a healthy and great diet


The amount of total cholesterol in your blood is based on low density-lipoprotein (LDL) and high-density lipoprotein (HDL). LDL makes up the majority of the body’s cholesterol. LDL is known as “bad” cholesterol because having high levels can lead to plaque buildup in your arteries and result in heart disease and stroke. HDL absorbs cholesterol and carries it back to the liver, which flushes it from the body. HDL is known as “good” cholesterol because having high levels can reduce the risk for heart disease and stroke. So LDL is bad for your body but HDL is the good cholesterol for your body.

How your body burns fat

So, what's the difference between obesity, being overweight and being underweight?

Being overweight means that you are 10%-20% over your standard weight, and have a BMI of 25-30. BUT being obese means that you are at least 20% over your standard weight or have a BMI of over 30. Obesity is a lot more dangerous that being overweight. Being underweight means that you are under the standard weight limit for your age. Being underweight can be just as dangerous as obesity, and should be taken into consideration by whoever is underweight.

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