School Counselors Summer Newsletter

June 2016 Edition

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6th Grade Developmental Guidance in Review

Below is the 6th grade year in review. Each section has a link to a newsletter that was sent to all 6th grade students to help reinforce each topic covered through out the year.
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What did Mrs. Severino do with the 7th Grade Students this year?

As we quickly approach the end of seventh grade, we can reflect on the school year we have had, as well as look forward to moving toward eighth grade. Throughout this year, our seventh graders have had the opportunity to work on developing goals, both academic and personal, to help guide them and give direction. Students were also encouraged to create a plan for achieving their goals. This process assisted them with understanding the importance of determining necessary steps to put into place before being able to reach their outcome of choice. When the seventh graders revisited their goals with our eighth grade peer leaders in April, many of them had achieved at least one goal, and they were able to reflect on the strategies they used to be successful.

In addition to goals, seventh graders had the opportunity to participate in career exploration based on their interests. Using the Career Key Interest Inventory, through Naviance, seventh graders were able to determine their personality type, and see how their traits can complement certain careers. From here, seventh graders had the chance to research a career of interest. The students were excited to find out more about educational requirements, daily tasks, training and wages. As a counseling department, we are hopeful that our students will visit Naviance during the summer months to continue to explore and read more about various careers.

Click on the Naviance link above (your student knows their username/email and password) and explore around. Have your student show you how to search and learn more about careers.

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What does Mrs. Severino have planned for the 2016-17 school year?

Next year will be a very exciting time for our current seventh graders as they move into their final year of middle school. Eighth grade will be an important year for students to put their best effort forward academically as they start the transition process into high school. We are encouraging all of the seventh grade students to end this year strong, with regard to doing their best work on all assignments, so that they return in August with a mindset of hard work and determination.

Throughout eighth grade, we will be working step by step with you and the students to help with the high school transition. Our students will have the opportunity to visit our high school to learn more about the courses and activities offered, as well as gather more information from the high school counselors about academic expectations. We also have our local technical and agriscience high schools visit to explain their programs to students who might have an interest in applying to attend. We understand that the transition process can bring feelings of uncertainty and trepidation, so we work closely with the high school staff to make it an enjoyable and exciting time for the students. We look forward to embarking on this journey with you all.

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Ms. Mooney says "good luck and congratulations" to her 8th grade students moving on to the high school.

Parents, Ms Mooney leaves this last piece of advice to her graduating students:

(please share with your 'almost' 9th grade high school student)

It is important to have good study skills when you start high school as a 9th grader. At the high school level, work can increase and get harder. Everyone studies differently and has a different learning style so it is important to know what works for you.

There are many tips that will help you do well on any test or quiz that you have to take. Here are a couple of tips that are important to remember:

  • (1) Make sure to ask the teacher about any material you don’t understand before the test because you want to make sure that you are studying the correct material.
  • (2) If you are going to rewrite your notes make sure you rewrite them as soon as possible so they are fresh in your mind.
  • (3) Making up your own flashcards about the material you are studying will help you remember the information.
  • (4) Have someone quiz you on the information so they can let you know which flashcards you need to practice some more.
  • (5) You can also have someone make-up a practice test on the information or you can make your own test. Take the test made for you and see how you do or have someone take the test you wrote and see how they do and go over the wrong answers with them, using your information.

I’m going to provide you a hyperlink below of more studying tips. If you follow some of these tips I know you will be successful on tests and quizzes. Sometimes it is also a matter of trial and error to find out what works for you. Here is the hyperlink You can also revisit your Learning Style Preference on Naviance (see link above) to read through your learning preferences so you can adapt these tips to your style. I have enjoyed working with all of you this year. Have a great summer and good luck in high school!