Sneak Peek

2T Edison School * January 19th * Mrs. Tallman

2T Community

Valentine's Day: Students will bring home an informative memo about Valentine's Day this week. Each student will be asked to bring in a cereal box for a creative writing project by Monday, January 26th. Please read all of the information to prepare the box before bringing it to school.

Science Fair: We have many students from our class signed up for the Science Fair on February 19th. Have fun working on your projects!

iPads in Second Grade? We are preparing to implement the Primary Grade iPad initiative. Over the next few weeks the building teachers and principal will develop a plan for our shared iPad use. We hope that by February, we will have the opportunity to use iPads in our classrooms. In the Primary grades this is not a one-to-one initiative, therefore use may be for small groups or whole class depending on the activities planned. The students and I are very excited for this opportunity to enhance learning in our classroom!



The Big Idea in our Unit this week in Journeys is “We learn from each other”. We will be asking, “How do you find important story characters?” as we read this week’s main selection Violet’s Music. We will learn about four types of sentences; statements, commands, questions and exclamations. We will also read a biography about Mozart as we connect to Social Studies.

Phonics Skills: vowel diagraphs ai, ay

Word Study: wait, pay, train, gray plain, away, birthday, paint, clay, pail, hay, raisin, tray, someone, different, along, *explain

Vocabulary Strategy:

Figurative language and idioms

Comprehension Skill: Story Structure

Comprehension Strategy: Question


We have been practicing our persuasive writing by writing reviews and written arguments. This week the students will be challenged to write a persuasive friendly letter. Next, we will end the unit by writing one last persuasive piece to be graded. Each student will write a final piece in which they will attempt to persuade someone to by writing a review. They will be encouraged to include a main idea, their opinion, as well as language that persuades their reader. As always, the students should write using accurate conventions including: sentence structure, capitalization, punctuation, and word study principles (spelling).

WEB Biography Project

The WEB project for the Second Marking period was sent home Monday the 12th. Students are to read a biography and complete a project that is due by February 27th. I have many books available in the classroom and our Edison library has many biographies as well. The students will present their projects to the class and share their work. It is a good idea to have your child practice talking about their project before bringing it to school. I hope the students have fun learning about their person of choice. Happy reading!!!

Math: Geometry!!!

Unit 5 Review

Unit 5 Test- January 21st!

Polygon Problem Solving Assessment Benchmark

Science: Changes and Social Studies

At the beginning of the week we will wrap up our first Science Unit and take our final assessments in the Changes Unit. We will reflect on all we have learned in the unit and share our ideas.

We will begin Unit 3 of our Social Studies curriculum, Looking At the Earth. We will begin to explore the idea that geography of the Earth varies from place to place. Throughout the course of the Unit, the students will identify and describe the physical characteristics of various landforms, compare the features of different kinds of land, and distinguish regions of the United States. We will identify and learn about different landforms and bodies of water. We will learn about the 7 continents and the oceans of the world. This week we will be introduced to the Unit and new vocabulary and we will begin to learn about landforms.

Mark Your Calendars:

January 19th- No School MLK Day

January 20th- Monday Schedule

January 23rd- Character Counts Assembly

January 29th- PARCC Parent information night 7:00 High School Media Center

January 30th- Spirit Day and Feed a Spirit

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

Happy 1/2 Birthday to Jamie Kozarski and Maggie Lang!

We celebrated Jamie's birthday in class this past week on the day that she was queen! Maggie will be celebrating her 1/2 Birthday this Tuesday!

Safety Reminder

Please tell your children how they are to get home each day. Some parents find it works well to write this at the bottom of their child's agenda on each day. Students that are picked up from school should be aware that if for some reason their parent or pick-up person is late, they are to go to the front door and buzz back into the building. Mrs. Kredatus is always there to help in this situation and it keeps all students safe after school. If your child is to walk home, please encourage them to leave the school immediately and walk home. Crossing guards are there to help walking students for a limited time after school. Let's keep all of our students safe and try to review your family dismissal plans from time to time!