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The Determined Teacher

Week 2 of the master teacher series focuses on being a determined teacher. Each of you is having an impact on the students you serve. You may not fully recognize it or grasp the impact, but you ARE! Part of the challenge is that we often times feel like are spinning our wheels going nowhere. How do we build and foster determination, below are three identifiers of determination and a few suggestions to build it! (The following comes from The Master Teacher pd. program.)

1. Determined Teachers have a sense of Efficacy regarding their work. They believe their work has important consequences for them and their students. They feel both responsible and empowered for the achievement of their students. They do not feel victimized by their circumstances, the mix of students, lack of resources or parental involvement. They get the job done.

2. Determined Teachers have a heightened understanding of the value of the USEFULNESS of what they teach. This leads to more thoughtful lessons and lesson design.

3. Determined Teachers find solutions to the various learning blocks of students and strive to help them find intrinsic motivation for learning. The teacher knows that students have a choice whether or not to participate in the learning so the teacher strives to create an environment that is exciting, dynamic and student-friendly.

Building our own Determination is forged out of dealing with adversity. The colleagues we most admire did not get they by having an easy road. They battled and fought to become the effective teacher they are.

The mindset of the determined teacher doesn't look at the downside of a student or class but recognizes each as a way to improve and grow.

Let us each reframe our situations as a way to learn. Let us surround ourselves with others that encourage us to forge ahead and learn. Let us never give up on a kid who needs our attention and support.

Thanks for all you do. I'm here to serve you!


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Constructs and Goal Setting

On Friday, you received an email from me on Goal Setting. You will need to participate in taking one of the two construct assessments (construct 1 or 2). Upon completion, we will need to meet and begin establishing specific goals to pursue. SO, find some time in the next twoish weeks and let's get together to set some goals.
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There are three types of ETMs and numerous titles from which to choose. ETMs can be completed online or in face-to-face sessions. Additionally, you have the option to go with your mentor for a half-day (sub provided) to observe effective peers for one ETM. A full listing of the ETMs available can be found at http://www.bluevalleyk12.org/etm.

Tech Tip

Check out www.thinglink.com as a great way for students to engage with pictures that go deeper....

What to know about the Mentor

I grew up in rural Nebraska on an agricultural farm. My days will full of stereotypical farm kid activities. We even had "drive your tractor to school day" in high during national FFA week...(Future Farmers of America). Nebraska truly was "the Good Life". My hometown, Aurora, had less than 5,000 people and the nearest Walmart was over 30min away. Little different that living in JoCo.
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