Checks & Balances

Meghan Napier

What is a Check & Balance

A Check & Balance is the system that allows each of the 3 branches of government to limit the powers of the other two branches. This plays a big role to the government because the framers weren't happy about the 3 branches having as much power they had because over time they knew the power would change and the powers weren't well thought out.
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Some Examples

The process of how laws are made is a good example of checks and balances in action. First, the legislative branch introduces and votes on a bill. The bill then goes to the executive branch, where the President decides whether he thinks the bill is good for the country. If so, he signs the bill, and it becomes a law.


Once a law is in place, the people of the country can test it through the court system, which is under the control of the judicial branch. If someone believes a law is unfair, a lawsuit can be filed. Lawyers then make arguments for and against the case, and a judge decides which side has presented the most convincing arguments. The side that loses can choose to appeal to a higher court, and may eventually reach the highest court of all, the Supreme Court.