"Night of the Living Dead"

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Pre- and Post leadership comparison

Before this class I was a lead by example kind of guy, now after being in this class I feel like i have grown as a leader and turned into a full leader that leads by example and by words

Book Connections

  • The first book I read was "Training Camp" by John Gordon, The connection I made with this book is the main character Martin Jones getting advice from his coach about what to do when he gets injured and is down
  • My second Book was the "Mentor Leader" by Tony Dungy, the connection I made from this book was from a quote, on pg 79 saying "Its easy to lose sight of the ultimate goal when you are in the trenches."

Reflection of greatest accomplishments

  • Became a better leader with my words and by example
  • Bettered my presentation skills

Unexpected situations

  • I didn't expect to get attached to the children that I mentored,
  • They got attached just as much if not more to me
  • Mrs. Wheatley handled that by slowing taking us away from the children

Class Summary

I still don't know what I want to do in the future, but this class has made me believe that where ever I do decide to go in the work field I can leave

Leadership Mentor

Mrs Wheatley- She holds us accountable all the time

Coach Umthun- Keeps me accountable as well