Borders and Powers

By Alexandra Bowles


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Definition: the line that separates one country, state, province, etc., from another


-The border between the U.S. and Mexico, especially along the Rio Grande.

-(In the British Isles) the boundary between Scotland and England.


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1. The ability or official capacity to exercise control; authority.

2. A person, group, or nation having great influence or control over others: the western powers.

3. The might of a nation, political organization, or similar group.


-The United States

-European Union

Introduction: Ukraine Crisis

This crisis started when the Ukrainian president didn't keep his promise of integrating with Europe. West Ukraine wants to become more like Europe and East Ukraine wants to stay more like Russia. Now, there are many protests and the president has fled the Capitol.

Introduction: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

60 years ago the Israelites wanted the Palestinians land. They started fighting the Palestinians and the Palestinians are now being oppressed by the Israelites. The palestinian's land is shrinking and the Palestinians are forced to endure the Israelite's harsh rules.

Introduction: Balance of Power

There is no world government with sovereign power over nations. However within each country there is a national government that holds sovereign power. The main aim of the "balance of power" is to manage conflict among the most powerful sovereign nations.