King Louis XIV

John Dualan Period 5


*Louis became the king of France at the age of 5 in 1643.

*He would begin to rule his country at the age of 2, but before cardinal Mazarin led the government.

*He believed his right to exercise absolute power over France.

*Louis's own extravagant lifestyle symbolized the magnificence and wealth of his country.

*He believed as king, he should know everything that's happening in his country.

Beliefs About Government

* King Louis believed in having absolute power as the king of France.

* He believed he should know what's going on in his country.

* He believed that the king was chosen by God himself.

Ideal Form Of Government

King Louis XIV ideal form of government was a monarchy. Since he believed that the king was chosen by God and how a king should be involved in everything happening in the country, like France's foreign policies or how France shall spend their money.


" i should sooner reconcile Europe than two women."

" Every time i bestow an open office i make a hundred discontented person and one ingrate."

" There is little that can withstand a person who has conquered himself."