John "Plato" Crawford


Describe your character

Plato was a young man with a troubled story. A boy really, Plato is extraordinarily lonely with his parents gone or dead and everyone at the school not speaking with him.

If your parent's were like Jim's how might you respond to the situation?

I'd be pissed off that my father had no backbone. I'd be even angrier with my mother for being so controlling and pushing my dad around. I want my dad to be somebody I can look up too not some whipped old guy who just takes whatever is thrown at him. I have no idea what I would really do if that were happening in my family. I think Jim had the right idea in trying to rally his father into growing a pair.

Did Plato change over the course of the movie?

He didn't honestly change all that much. He was extraordinarily lonely in the beginning and by the end he had a brief glimmer of what family life is like with Jim and his girl but in the end he was the same old Plato. He went crazy and couldn't handle the pressures.

Plato's mismatched socks

Plato's mismatched socks show and prove that he doesn't fit in. He is mismatched with the people he is with. He just doesn't belong and his socks are proof of that.

Theme of the movie

I think that the real theme behind rebel without a cause is the faulty nature of generations previous. It's proof that the world is a reflection of how children play. And children's habits and hobbies are entirely based off of parental influence and environment. The movie tells us that sometimes its necessary to rebel. I thought the issues faced by most of the characters were petty at best, however Plato is faced with a huge dilemma. Plato is somebody who truly had to rebel no matter the cost because Plato's place in that life was miserable and he didn't deserve it.