Napoloen Dynamite


Napoleon Dynamite also known as Jon Heder is the main character in this movie, he is trying to get his best friend Pedro to be Student Body President. Napoleon has to face some of his fears while making his best friend Pedro the Student body President.
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Napoleon is a high school geek that is always picked on, and doesn't have many friends, except for Pedro, who wants to run for student council, and Deb, who is sort of going out with Pedro. Living with Napoleon is Kip, who is just as geeky, but older. When Napoleon's grandmother is injured, his uncle Rico stays to look after him, along with Kip. Kip's girlfriend, LaFawnduh comes to visit too. Uncle Rico offers to sell some "breast enhancers" to Deb, lying that Napoleon suggested the idea. Deb calls Napoleon, saying that he should try some himself for being so heartless.


There are many quotes in this film. Which kind of made up the whole Napoleon Dynamite craze so here are some of the many quotes that people still use today:


"Why are you drinking 1% is because you think your fat cause your not.”

"'Tina you fat lard come eat some dinner!"

"Napoleon, don't be jealous that I've been chatting online with babes all day."

"Whatever I feel like I wanna do Gosh!"

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