Acker Technology Update

Information on all the technology updates from the summer

Welcome back, Acker friends!

I hope you have all had a great, relaxing summer! I'm sure you're ready to get back to the good work that you do for your students each day :-). I know that this will be another great year for the students and staff of Acker!

I wanted to give you guys some updates on my schedule for this year, as well as info on some of the new technology thats now on campus.

I will be on campus at Acker for a half-day every Wednesday, and at the SOC for the other half of the day. The rest of the week I will be at Lone Star. But remember: I’m only ever an email or phone call away! We can always plan together and share instructional ideas through email or phone!


Also, I wanted to go ahead and let you know that I will be taking a few weeks off in the middle of September to be with my baby as my wife transitions back into her classroom teaching job. Let me know if you have any lessons you'd like to collaborate on before then!

Wisebaby arrived!

Little Warren Wiseman was born July 8! He was 7 lbs, 3 oz and 19.5 inches long, with a full head of hair. Now he is almost 6 weeks old and he’s growing fast! Its been so exciting to see him grow and learn already.

Thank you so much for all the support, encouragement and warm wishes you all shared with us! Warren is very thankful to have all the love of his Acker family!

(I left a birth announcement with Susie, but I'm always willing to show pictures also :-)

Below you will find some information to help you get the year started right! Please let me know if you have any questions!

Refreshed & Updated Computers!

Acker computers were refreshed over the summer. They had more memory installed and were upgraded to Windows 7. This means that your computer should look a little different now! Every so often I will send out little tips and tricks to help you navigate through Windows 7, but feel free to ask me questions any time.

Below is a video demonstrating some of the features of Windows 7.

Windows 7 Demo

Set-up Your New Outlook Email

Remember that we updated our email system over the summer. You can access your email through your desktop Outlook Client or through

Be sure to do this before opening the Outlook Client on your classroom / workroom computer:

**You will need to install 3 quick patches / files on your classroom computer & workroom computer in order to get your Outlook Client to work!

Instructions and information for updating your Outlook info can be found at this website --

You may also watch the videos below for a demonstration and help.

Office 365 Set up

Where do I get the new desktop icon for Eduphoria?

Follow this path: W:\DWApps\EduphoriaIcon\Eduphoria

Copy the icon then paste it to your desktop.

You will no longer be able to use Internet Explorer so the old icon won't work anymore.

New Printers and Copiers

New printers / copiers were installed on campus late this summer. They are still installing and activating the machines, so please wait until you hear from myself or David Bark before trying to use them!

You will get more information later, but here are some handouts about the MFPs to help you become familiar with them:

**Click here to review the training slides

**Click here for detailed How To instruction sheets

**Click here for Frequently Asked Question about the MFPs

*Remember: BIG, multi-page print jobs MUST go to the FISD Print Shop!

This includes whole class handouts, packets, etc.

Please give the Print Shop at least 3 weeks to complete orders.

Visit the FISD Print Shop website --

*Click here for instructions for sending documents to the Print Shop

Teacher Technology Help Websites

Just a reminder that I have a website that I maintain for the teachers at Lone Star that I would invite you to check out as well! On this website are "how to" instructional handouts (click sheets) for many of the software programs that we use in FISD. There is also a lot of information on Moodle, Flipped Classrooms, iPads & apps, and general technology integration ideas! Check it out!

Also, I know there are no new teachers at Acker this year, but I thought I would share this website with you in case anyone was still confused about some of the programs that we run. This website can help define the program you’re curious about, and provide some basic tutorials for how to use the software.

Need a course in Moodle?

Many of us are wanting to begin new courses in the Student Learning Hub ("Moodle"). I would be glad to create those courses for you!

**Please go to this Google Form [click here] and fill in all the needed information. I will email you ASAP after I create the course for you.

(If you've already emailed me about a course, please re-submit through this form just so I make sure I've got you covered! Thanks!)

Please let me know how I can help!

I’ll be sending out more tips, tricks and information about the technology we have on campus throughout the year. Feel free to make a folder in your Outlook email system where you can save my emails and refer back to them later.

I am available to visit during your conference period and discuss your upcoming lessons and activities to see how we can utilize technology tools to enhance student learning. As a former classroom teacher, I also love to come and help you and your students when you’re doing these lessons during your class periods!


Jeff Wiseman - Technology Integration Facilitator