Wildcat Weekly

Every Learner--Every Day

Week at a Glance...

Monday, January 11

  • Wings/Bridges Day

  • Mrs. Forrester shadowing Shatto's class in AM

  • David Harrison visits 2-5 grades @ 1PM

  • PAT Storytime @ 2:30PM

  • StuCo Meeting until 4:30PM

  • PTA Meeting @ 6PM in library

  • Boy Scouts @ 6PM

Tuesday, January 12

  • Literacy Team Meetings all day

  • Fine Arts/Parent Involvement Meetings @ 4PM

  • Girl Scout Meeting @ 4:30 in the Art/Music Room

Wednesday, January 13

  • Janine at Principal's Meeting

  • Nurse Patti at Staff Meeting @ 3PM

Thursday, January 14

  • Throwback Thursday

  • PJ Day to support 4th Grade Jeff City Trip

  • RIF Assembly for 1st and 2nd @ 1:30PM

Friday, January 15

  • Class Pictures in AM

  • Abby out for Coaches' Meeting

  • 4th Grade using the gym from 1:30-2:30PM

Friday Feedback Opportunity

This weekly feedback opportunity is optional, but I would love to hear from as many people as possible. This week it is only two questions.

Please access the survey at the link below for an opportunity to give feedback. Names are optional, however if you need a response, please be sure to include yours so I can get back to you.


What Empathy Can Do...

Our Character Ed word this month is Empathy. This simple word is not just something we want our students to master, but something to help us connect with students so that they can reach their potential. Read this article at the link below for some practical advice on the power of empathy.