Harriet Tubman

By Ann Petry

About the Book

Harriet Tubman Conductor on the Underground Railroad is about Harriet Tubman helping slaves escape to the North so, they can be free. She goes through many obstacles, one obstacle is that she is wanted for helping slaves. The Fugitive Slave Law makes it worst for her because, she has to take the fugitive slaves farther North and sometimes she didn't know the path she was taking.

About Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was an African American female. She had a scar on her forehead. She got the scar trying to help a slave escape, the overseer ran after the slave but he threw a brick and the brick hit Harriet on her head. Sometimes Harriet had to wear male clothing so people couldn't recognize her. Sometimes she wore a bonnet so people wouldn't see the deep scar on her forehead that was very recognizable .


1820 - Harriet was born

1826 - Harriet was hired out to the Cooks

1844 - Harriet married John Tubman who was a free man

1849 - Harriet ran away to go North and got to Philadelphia

1857 - Harriet took her parents with her up North

1859 - John Brown was hanged in Charlestown, Virginia

1913 - Harriet dies