Because I'm a girl.

Watch for a good cause.

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It all starts with a girl.

Even in the modern day world, Girls are being denied access to things like clean drinkable water, proper food, and education, simply because of the fact that their girls!

Unbelievable, right?

You can help do something about it.

Let's Stand up together to make a change. Simple things like education are like the flame to ignite the true power they hold. Why bother? Because girls aren't just girls- We have the power to make a huge impact in our world. Join us on Friday, May 24th for Allan A Martin's "Movie Night"! All proceeds go towards the "Because I am a girl" foundation, and all donations are appreciated! And remember, IT ALL STARTS WITH A GIRL!


Friday, May 24th 2013 at 6pm

1390 Ogden Ave

Mississauga, ON

Watch for the cause! there will be pizza for sale, snacks, drinks, and a game room. There will also be a tournament in the video game room for a $25 gift card to EB Games! Bring your friends and family! Its gonna be a great night for everyone! There will also be an "After school program" with teacher supervision from 2:25 pm- 8:00 pm. The movie "Wreck It Ralph" (PG) will commence at 6:00 pm. SEE YOU THERE!
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A Little about the "Because I am a Girl" foundation

The Because I am a Girl initiative was founded by Plan International, one of the oldest and largest charities in the world. Founded in 1937, Plan has supported boys and girls in the developing world for over 75 years and counting, through collaboration with children, their families, and their communities. Read more about the Because I am a Girl foundation at:

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