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Date for your diary: Roman Day

Wednesday, Nov. 28th 2012 at 9am

Garden Campus

Key Stage 1 and Key stage 2 will be completing a day of Roman activities to learn more about how the Roman's lived.

Class 4E A review of last week

Last weeks trip....

We all had great fun going to visit...

All the children enjoyed viewing the .....and learnt lots about our topic.....we hope to now do some research in ICT and to make dome beautiful pieces of artwork based on our observations in our next art lesson.

Thanks to all parents who helped in making this trip possible.

Weekly news letter 4E

This week we will be receiving a Roman visitor who will talk to us about the Romans. He is an author and we have made up some questions to find out more about life during the Roman Empire.

In maths we will be recapping place value and we will need to be focusing on money within this context.

In art we will be looking at mosaics as part of our topic on the Romans, we will also be looking at designs on shields and on clothing and chariots picking out patterns, shapes and colours.

The new tuck shop!

Starting on Tuesday, tomorrow, the Friend of DSB will be opening their 'healthy tuck shop'. You will need to buy coupons to take advantage of their tuck shop. The tuck shop will be on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Happy eating!

Contact us!

Reports are coming soon, if you know that you will be leaving for the xmas holidays early please let me know and I will prepare for your child to recieve their report early. However I can only allow reports to be sent home once they are completed. The first day that they will be available for early collection will be Thursday 20th December, after the school performance.