Lolo Jones

By: Yaritzell Maria-Ayala

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Personal Imformation

Lolo Jones was born August 5, 1982, in Des Moines, IA. She is 32 years old and her birth name is Lori Jones.


Why They Are Considered Famous Iowan

Lolo Jones considered famous because Lolo Jones competed in LSU'S track team.

In 2002, Jones was the runner-up in both of the 100-meter hurdles and 4x100-meter relay at the NCAA Outdoor Championships. Her career at LSU saw her finish as an 11-time All-American and a 6-time SEC champion, and she is ranked among the top-three women for all-time in both the 60-meter hurdles and 100-meter hurdles.


Lolo Jones Childhood

Lolo Jones childhood was very tough, she went to eight schools in eight years because of family moving constantly.While her single mother, Lori, worked two jobs everyday to support her family of six. Jones' father spent most of his time working in the army but later he ended up in state prison. When Jones was in third grade, Her family settled in the basement of Des Moines Salvation Army Church. When it was summer Jones went to day camp that they offered at church during the day. Every day Jones would wake up early to avoid being teased by other kids so they wouldn't find out she was living in the basement.

When Jones family were about to move to Forest City Iowa, Jones told her mother, "Mom, I can't go to a city that doesn't have a track. So Jones and her family parted ways, and her mentor, Coach Ferguson, arranged for her to go live with four different families while she stayed and continue to go to Roosevelt High School. One of those who took Jones in was Janis Caldwell, who had seen Jones compete at Roosevelt every time she had her meets. Jones stayed with the Caldwells after her senior year at Roosevelt, while she attended college.



"Sometimes bad things are going to happen in your life, and those things can make you stronger if you just learn how to get over them"


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IB Profile


Lolo Jones is caring because she gave her old school tack team (Roosevelt High School) 3,000.000$ for new shoes and uniforms so they could continue the sport.


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Jones is strong because through out all of her surgies she has had she is still doing sports like bobsledding.


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Life Lessons

"The desire to always grow motivates me. When you get comfortable doing the same thing. Life is about challenging yourself to learn and to become the best version of yourself."


Impact On Others

Lolo Jones has impacted many lives here in Des Moines, starting with the Rosavelts Girls Track Team. Lolo Jones has given so much back to her community, she even donated money back to her old high school track team, to encourage girls to continue the sport.


Intriguing Facts

1. Jones was named after her mother

2. She has 2 sibling's

3. loves car driving and also horse riding

4. Went to Louisiana State University for collage

5. Her Favorite television show Dancing with the Stars


Update On Life Or Impact

Lolo Jones has had many accomplishments in her life including her most recent which is bobsledding. Lolo was introduced to bobsledding by Elana Meyers.


5 Comprehension Questions

1. What is Jones birth name?

2. What sports does Jones do?

3. How old is Jones?

4. What school did Jones go to in high school?

5. What church did Jones family live in?


Raising an Olympian LOLO JONES