The prison you would never want to go to


Alcatraz was first started in 1847 over by San Francisco Bay. The United states army built a Fortress there to protect San Francisco. Alcatraz was a prison who took bad people who had to be there if they were really bad. There were many cells, rules, and jobs that had to be done. There were also many escapes and punishments that people had gotten or had done. This place was horrible for the prisoners.


Alcatraz had 336 cells in block B and C. They had many different blocks that involved a lot of different cells. The types of rooms they had were 36 segregation cells, everyone had their own cell and they weren’t allowed to talk to others very often during the day. There were 6 solitary confinement cells. The types of rules or things that had to be done were that each prisoner swept his cell clean and had to be dressed and ready for a head count to see if they were all there. During the day they either had to stay in their cells or work. Lights were out at 9:30 p.m.


There were many punishments that had to be done to people that didn't do the right thing or didn’t get what they needed to get done. Some of the punishments were that if the prisoners left food on their plate they would get punished and would not be able to have their next meal. Another punishment was if the prisoners did something wrong or something they weren’t supposed to do they would be locked in dungeons. These are the punishments because they didn’t do what they needed to get done or they tried to escape several times. Or they just did other bad things that got them in trouble to have a punishment. These punishments were very strict because they needed to have all of these things to have done or eat all of their food or other.


Some of the cells were made out of solid concrete but people still could get out. They tried many different ways such as trying to cut the bars. Others were killed if they escaped and the guards saw them or some of them didn’t make it or they just died in the water because it was really cold. Some of the prisoners used string and wax to get out and other prisoners did by using the idea. 36 prisoners were involved in various attempts. Two prisoners made it off the island but were quickly captured. There were a lot of escapes that people made with just using different materials. There would be a light that would shine to see if any prisoners escaped because the guards did not want anyone to escape because the reason they were in prison was because they did horrible things that got them in trouble. And if they did horrible things then they must need to stay at that prison.

A horrible place to be

This must have been a very horrible prison to be in after all that has been said. They had many cells for many inmates, they also had many punishments and rules and jobs that they had to do. A lot of people escaped but still got captured. Some prisoners would drown from the horrible cold water. Some prisoners got killed. It was a horrible prison to go to. This prison was for prisoners that other jails couldn’t handle. There were a lot of things that could happen if you ever went to Alcatraz.