Us-industrialization age

Tucker Marlette

John D. Rockefeller

Who: John D Rockefeller was the owner of the standard oil company.

What:the standard oil company sky rocketed! He made millions off of it.

When:he was born on July 8 1839 he pasted away on May 23 1937.

Where:he was born in Richmond NY.his industry started in Pennsylvania.

Why:I think it is good to cause he was one of the first billionaire in America. john D Rockefeller

Alexander graham bell

Who:Alexander graham bell was an inventor.

What:he invented the telephone and a lot of other thing that we use today.

Where:he was born in endinburg United Kingdom.he died in Canada.

Why:I think this is good to know because then we know who invented the telephone.

When:he was born on March 3 1847 he died in August 2 1922. Alexander Graham bell

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The great rail road strike of 1877

Who:people that worked on the rail road and they were mad.

What:it was a event where all the rail road workers that went on strike.

Where:The great rail road strike was in Pennsylvania.

When:in 1877 this was going on for a few months

Why:I think it is good to know because we should know these kind of major events.

Mla:lib Howard zinn the great rail road strike of 1877

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Effect on native Americans

Who:it was an effect on American Indians.

What:it was when we pushed the American Indians out of there land.

Where:it was in Colorado.

When:it was in 1864

Why:I think it is good to know these facts about this cause this was major event.

Mla:PBS .org the native Americans an the transcontinental railroad.

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