Founded In : America

Traditional Economy

Monarchy Government

Language spoke : French

Population : 50,000

National Anthem : Tom Ford

Famous for : Beaches, and Exotic juices

National Animal : Viper

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Trades : Food ,Fruit

Trading partners : Alaska, Florida ,Boston , New york

Shoeville Laws

1) Thou shall notiveth steal

2) Thou shall notiveth kill

3) Thou shall notiveth sell goods without consent

4)Thou shall Loveth

5) Thou shall notiveth claim fame to goods

6)Thou shall obey authoriy commands

7)Thou shall not eat for free

8) Thou shall not live on ancestors land

9) Thus shall not be judged by religion

10) Thou shall love its country

3 Current events

1) Isis are still going on

2) Donald Trump slams gun free zones

3) Powerball jackpot increased , new milestone