No Excuses University- Assessments

Week 5 Discussion 1

“Assessment is not about you as a teacher; it is about your students” (Lopez,2013)

The statement above is one of the most critical when discussing assessments. I feel that Lopez is right in this declaration. Too many times, evaluations are things that are collected at the end of a class or session to evaluate what the students felt about the class and the teacher. But assessments are to guide student learning by showing progress and failures in how we teach and communicate information to students. This will force us as teachers to continuously evaluate our teaching style and method based on the students in our classes. From assessments, we can individualize information for those students that need it.

Defending our assessment practices

In defending our assessment practices, you must first and foremost not participate in any evaluation that you as an instructor find no value in for your students. As I decide on what assessments to use, I have to ask why am I participating in this assessment. What is its value to me and what is its value to students? We as teachers must show the value of the assessment to the students

Ways I have you succeeded/failed to make students your partner in assessments

I have failed in making students my partner in assessments because the time I am with them is short term. As a trainer, my exposure to students are limited, and that training is focused on particular ideas or subject. But a as i embark on this path to becoming a teacher, I will make students my partner to foster thier learning process

Jeffrey L Culbreth

EDU 650-Dr. Kyger Class

Teaching Learning Leading in the 21st Century