Keeping your lawn healthy- One plant at a time


Do you want a great looking garden?

Do you want to have a healthy garden?

Do you want an environmentally-friendly garden?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Greenscaping is right for you!

What is Grenscaping?

Greenscaping is keeping your lawn healthy using natural items. keeping your lawn pesticide-free and healthy. Greenscaping is a pesticide-free way landscape, while doing it nature friendly.

How can you help !

  • Use compost as a natural fertilizer instead of chemicals: chemicals can run-off into water and pollute your drinking water
  • Use mulch to help kill and prevent weeds from growing: mulch can be found at most garden centers, and also at the Bayside Village Hall
  • Leave your grass clippings on the ground: 25-50% of nitrogen is released back into the ground as natural fertilizer
  • Rain barrels conserve rainwater to use for watering of gardens, or plants

The Green Thumbroulettes

Q.What is Greenscaping?

A. Greenscaping is making your garden healthy and look good with environmental products.

Q.How do you treat weeds?

A.You should pull weeds out by hand.

Q.What is mulch?

A.Mulch is wood chips and top soil.