Ren Fu Gui

My grandfather

My grandfathers life

My Grandfather was born in 1947, he grew up in a place called taiyuan. He wasnt that rich and he grew up in a poor family. Life was hard for him but he still went to school and had to take care of his brothers and sisters, He has a older sister and a older brother and a younger one. When he was around 30 years old he met my grand mother and got married. He then in 1975 had my mom as his first child and then my aunt which is my moms sister and that was basically his Life. Now he lives in a place called Guanzhou and sometimes goes back.
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My family tree

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My Grandpas timeline

Life back then

Life was very hard for him. When he was 15 he had to raise the family and get a job. He Also sometimes would starve. But his sister would always feed him and take care of him. Once he told me he almost died once, but it was a long story. After he grew older life got better for him and it was all good.