Support Newsletter #5

Newsletters 2013-2014

Hello & welcome!

Dear all,

Welcome to the next issue of our Support Newsletter at ESH. Everyone's gearing up for their Parent-Teacher meetings this week and we had very fruitful Group Consultations with a lot of you last week. Because of these meetings, our to-do list is ever expanding but please don't let that stop you. Feel free to drop by anytime to discuss pupils with us, or if you wish to just talk about something related to your class: our door is always open!

Charlotte & Jaap

Choose Your Workshop (16th of April)

On Wednesday the 16th of April, we have an exciting program for all teaching staff at the European School The Hague. We have a choice of two workshops:

  • The STAR-program workshop. In the staff room of ESH, we will receive two members of staff from Lighthouse, the international SEN school in The Hague. They will do a workshop on the STAR-program, a motivational program for autistic children. It links to the ABA program and more information can be found by clicking here.
  • A visit to the Centre for Youth & Health Welfare (just down the street from us). They offer specialists and have a full interactive program where you can meet: a psychologist from the Behaviour Centre "De Jutters" (Golfbreker program), a dietician, our school doctors and other specialists related to the social-emotional well being of children.

Both workshops are very exciting and we are pleased to be able to offer this opportunity to our teaching staff members. Please sign up by making your choice below!

Click here to make your choice. It is something to do BEFORE next Friday (the 28th of March). Otherwise, we will place you!

Inspirational article of the week

If you are going to read one thing this week, make sure it is this article from Ron Suskind of the New York Times. His personal story on connecting with his autistic son is very heartfelt, inspiring and emotional. Click here to read it.

Staff Training for Cooperative Learning

Wednesday, March 26th, 1pm

2 Houtrustweg

The Hague, ZH

As mentioned before, the INSET for all teaching staff is next week on Cooperative Learning. The location is in the canteen (but might shift to the fourth floor, we'll keep you posted). More resources on Cooperative Learning are coming in soon, so we'll be able to give this a great start!

Availability during consultations

During your parent consultations, we are available in our office for you to "call on us" if needed. The phone extension for Jaap is 208, for Charlotte it is 225.

Workshop Afternoon

Wednesday, April 16th, 1pm

2 Houtrustweg

The Hague, ZH

As mentioned above, we're having a choice of two exciting workshops for the staff. Sign-up through ESHWeb!

Have a great week everyone

This week's support newsletter is slightly shorter than the regular ones, but we'll promise to be back soon with more support-related goodness. Good luck to everyone on the parent-teacher meetings & we wish you all a very good week!

Charlotte & Jaap