Club Spittle

For all you frog-hoppers out there

The Greatest spittle bug hotel in centuries!

Saliva houses is our specialty room, they're always on sale. We have them in all sizes and shapes (including swites and they aren't that expensive) they also keep predators out, not to mention the fact that out hotel has the one of the best security money can buy. Wasps surround the building with their stingers pointed to the outside, so no more running from birds, mantids, and spiders, and if you see one slacking call the front desk pronto, we will retrain him/her and replace the one that slacking. We also have all the great herbivore foods from grass juices to exotic shrub juices at our 100% clean kitchen/restaurant called Bistro Le Spittle, there's nothing we do not have, and we have too much food all the time literally. We give clientele a dinner bag for when they leave, because we have so much.

Special Spittle Baby-sitting (this year only)

Wednesday, April 30th, 9pm

2767 Spittle Dr.

For this year only we will care for new born babies, while you kick back and enjoy your stay. No more caring for those gross looking eggs, or going to get hard food to find it's only an extra $15. It will be added to your room cost