Stand Up for Kids

What is Stand Up for Kids?

Stand Up for kids is a non-profit organization which helps homeless youth by providing them with the necessities and who's goal is to establish and build relationships with runaway, homeless & street-dependent youth ages 13-25. Through supportive relationships with caring adults we help youth adjust to safe and appropriate alternative living arrangements while becoming independent, self-sufficient, contributing members of society. For youth unwilling or unable to leave the streets our goal is that they have the support necessary to be safe and survive as well as to educate youth & the community about youth homelessness.

How They Help...

How Do They Spend Their Money?

When donated, 94% goes directly to helping homeless and street kids. By doing this, you are helping them with things like expenses for on-site nurses, apartments, meals,etc.

Who it Has Helped

The organization has helped many people including Pixie. Pixie had been abused multiple times, and when she was 18, her mother stabbed her and she decided to run away. While homeless her boyfriend got shot, and because of this, she started to move around a lot. "When I first heard of Stand Up, I was curious." she says "I

admit I did not trust anyone there, but Brian, I felt

like I could talk to. I recently opened up to him

with my story. I have explained a little of what

has happened. Stand Up is one of the very few

places someone like myself can feel safe enough to

release, and hang out. Telling this much of my past

was hard enough, but with Brian’s help reassuring

me that I won’t be judged, I have told you part of

my past."